Misunderstanding and Weekend Activities

Family is a major part of my day to day life. It has its challenges and its joys which play an important role in my happiness and in my unhappiness. Someone said that "a mother can not be happier than her
least happy child." I'm not sure about that one but it is safe to say that when our children are not happy,  we feel care and concern about their circumstances.

Somehow last week I offended my daughter by saying that she managed her life without sharing a lot of details or asking for advice. What I meant was that she is an independent woman of 38 who lives her life privately without being a burden to anyone else.  I remember saying to a long ago Grade 1 teacher that what I would wish for my child was autonomy. That is not entitlement or omnipotence but the ability to make decisions and to accept the consequences of those decisions. My daughter is an individuated autonomous person, probably more so than I am.  I believe that my long ago wish has been fulfilled.

This week was Monsieur's 66th birthday. We celebrated by going to the sing-a-long Grease at the outside Theatre Under the Stars in Stanley Park. I love to go to TUTS and I thought about the last time that I went with my dad to see Oklahoma. Dad loved fish and chips or a burger and an old musical  in the open air. Monsieur was not as thrilled which was disappointing. It seems that these days nothing pleases him. I am trying to not take this personally.

Sunday was a glorious day for an old-fashioned church picnic. London Farm, near my home, is a heritage house with a large garden and farm. We sang old-fashioned hymns and had a potluck lunch and played games. There were people of all ages from newborn to 90 year-olds. I have found that there is a simple happiness to be found in community.

August is drawing to a close and I must say that I will be glad to see September. I love the autumn colours and this year I will be travelling to New England for a fall foliage tour and some other adventures on my bucket list.

September has always been the beginning of my year and with it comes new projects and plans. I might try to sketch a bit more, work on my stitchery or add a bit of running to supplement my twice weekly training sessions. What plans do you have for the autumn?


  1. Sounds as if you've had some ups and downs, but there's some joyful stuff in here and you know to grab it when you see it. . . hope the week goes well.

  2. Glad to hear you are looking forward to September, I am also! It has always seemed like the start of the year, probably because of the school calendar which is hard to get out of my heads, even though I haven't been in school for a long time! But I love autumn, the weather, the food and the upcoming holidays. My very favorite time of the year.


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