Paris Rain Hat and Hat Attack

If it's just a little drizzle, curly women need  hat.
I just discovered Hat Attack and visited the Style Crone. I love hats since I have curly hair that just gets curlier in damp weather. I live on the West Coast of Canada so the maritime climate is pretty much a year-round occurrence. I bought my first rain hat in Victoria a few years ago and then, in Paris, I discovered a really fun line of hats and accessories called La Tribu des Oiseaux.

A  rain hat that folds up in your purse and fits easily in your suitcase is a good friend to the curly haired woman. You can also wear your hat when your hair just feels a bit frowzy. Some days are just like that with curly hair. It lives it's own life in it's own way. Anyway, if you visit the crone on the first of each month, you can see what others are wearing on their heads. Hats are a lot of fun.


  1. Rain hats are sure a must-have for us frizzy haired ladies ~

    Hopped in from the Hat Attack.

  2. I'm never sure how worthwhile the rainhats are for my curls, though, given that the "do" gets squished by them. . . then I'm flat down to my ears with a sudden explosion of volume below them! This one does look fun, though. Meant to check out that shop in Paris but forget -- next time . . .

  3. Hello!

    I was reading and found out you were Canadians, It's fantastic!
    I was reading about your husband's behavior have to make choices i guess and put the bootle of wine away!

    I'm Ariane - 53 - i live in Montreal - I know a few bloggers in you part of the country -

    Take care



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