Reading! Reading! Reading!

In the last few weeks, I have spent a lot of time in my reading world. It seems that  dealing with other people is just more than I can handle. My mother is building a new life without my dad and dealing with her own health and the loss of most of her friends. Monsieur, who suffers from a mood disorder, seems to have become obsessed with music and his iPhone. Fortunately or maybe not, my daughter manages her life in her own way seldom sharing details or asking for advice.

My reading world has always been a solace to me in times of unhappiness. Books have been part of my life for as long as I can remember. This year, I have been reading blogs as well. I am discovering that not only do I find travel, fashion and lifestyle connections but that there are so many other readers out there. Many readers with many book suggestions and reviews.

I started by visiting Materfamilias Reads because I follow her other blog Materfamilias Writes and have found that we share many similar experiences and feelings. I trust her book choices as I would a close personal friend. The magic of the blog world is that your blog "friends" have friends.

I enjoy reading The Hostess of the Humble Bungalow because she provides peaceful, usually upbeat snapshots of everyday life. She inspires me with her perseverance in creating a healthier, more beautiful world which she so generously shares with her readers. After visiting The Hostess, I was introduced to 
Sunday at Ciao Domenica.

Domenica, or Sunday, not only shares beautiful lifestyle and travel posts to fuel my reveries but she writes about The Bloomsbury group, some of my favourite authors. I have to stop here because the list grows longer and more diverse the further I go.

I worked with books, sharing stories and insights with adults and children for thirty years and I honestly miss it.  I was one of those fortunate people who was able to find a vocation about which I was passionate. I think that I may have found a way to partially fill the empty spot left by my retirement.

After all being said, I have resumed my physical training sessions, tried two new healthy recipes this week (thanks to The Hostess) and booked an evening at our Theater Under the Stars with Monsieur for the Sing-a-long Grease. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

By the way, Barbara Younger at Friend for the Ride wrote a very insightful 2-part post about older women and depression. I particularly like her Alice slowly opening the curtain analogy.  In our own time,we do peek out to see the garden and the sunshine and once more we do go out to play.  With a little help from our friends......


  1. Thanks for the lovely shout out. The Friend for the Ride post was actually a guest post from my fellow writer, Patti Winker. Love to have you check out my blog, of course, but Patti's too:

  2. Thanks, Barbara, for setting me straight on that. I visited Patti's blog and found yet another interesting resource for understanding life at a "certain age."

  3. Thanks for the mention -- and for the recommendations of a few new blogs, always fun to discover. We're so lucky, we book-loving readers, aren't we?!


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