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I have now been blogging for 7 months and I have a lot of questions. Some of them are technical and some content related. As fall approaches and I plan another trip, I am considering visiting my Apple store for some One-on-One. Yesterday, as an anniversary gift, Monsieur gave me an iPad mini so I do have some learning to do in the next 6 weeks.

Materfamilias used Blogsy with her iPad. Is there another App that anyone has used? I usually type on a Mac Air and have difficulty with really small keys. Is a bluetooth keyboard helpful?

I haven't mastered design on my blog yet. I would like to add gadgets to the empty right side. Visible Monday and Monsieur's band page to start In eBlogger, how do I do it? Should I just play with and revert if I don't like it?

As for statistics....How is it that one day there will be 33 people in China reading my blog? How do they find it and why do they choose it? What are vampire stats? This term shows up occasionally in my stats. Are they dead?

My content is eclectic because I am finding my way through my 7th decade: retirement, relationship, self-esteem, loss, travel, weight, style like just about every other woman of my age on the planet. Yesterday, I cried because it was my first anniversary card signed "Mum" without dad. Monsieur is playing my dad's old hospital today and he'll be playing one of my dad's favourite songs. Sadness arises and disappears often.

My mum maintains that she finds it difficult to share her personal struggles even with friends. I feel that it is our struggles that make us human. I am not some perfect person who leads an "enchanted" life and I feel that I learn from the experience and the input of others. This being said, I am not publishing a diary or my "true confessions." How do you find a balance between a lifestyle blog and a tell-all diary?

As a retired librarian, I am always sensitive to copyright. Which Internet pictures are legal to use? I usually publish only my own photos for copyright reasons. Legally, I can link to a page to show somebody else's work. How do you handle ethical use of others' work?

What about comments? I try to leave a comment on every post that I read.  Some are long and personal,
some are just an acknowledgement that I visited and was interested in the post. Is that the schoolteacher in me? Is there an etiquette?

In September, my new learning season begins so please let me know if you have any advice?


  1. I really like Blogsy for my mini iPad when I'm travelling -- I'd rarely use it at home for longer posts, just because I like the ease of my full keyboard at my big screen. I found the Bluetooth keyboard just Okay -- as a touch typist, I'm really fast on a regular keyboard, but the Bluetooth requires switching around for a number of useful keys.
    I'll be looking to see what answers you get. I have a few questions of my own I've been thinking of posting.
    One suggestion, if you're leery of mucking up your own blog by experimenting: you could set up a second blog JUST for practise -- then you could play around as much as you want and bring back the successful techniques to your "real" blog.

    1. Thank you for sharing the info regarding the keyboard. It would just be another thing to carry so I might be better to try to master the iPad. The "test" blog is a great idea. Thanks for the advice.

  2. The image copyright question is an interesting one. I'm much more cautious these days, and search wikimedia for images in public domain, or try to stick to my own. Otherwise, I'll do a google search on any image I'm thinking of using, and if it comes up on more than a dozen websites, I'll pick one to borrow the image from and link back to it. But I don't use anyone's personal or blog images without permission.

    Great idea, materfamilias, about setting up the second "test" blog!

    1. I think that copyright is just courtesy to others as well as a legal obligation. Linking or using public domain photos are two ways of avoiding infringement. The "test" blog is a great idea.


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