The End of August Grey Skies

August is fast coming to an end! August days have started off mostly grey this year although we have not had much rain. Unfortunately, chez nous, the moods have matched the weather. My early morning walking partner has been unavailable due to family illness so I have missed our regular walks and chats and Monsieur, who is living on a different planet, is wandering around the apartment wearing headphones. I, who wake regularly with enthusiasm, feel as though I am on a ship somewhere stuck in the doldrums.

 Monsieur has been forced to give up his studio because of conflicts with the neighbour and hopefully that will sort itself out because two moody people in a dark east facing apartment is a recipe for unhappiness. This week, Monsieur will play at The Shipyards Night Market on Friday and at the last pool party of the season at our recreation complex.

Although I try very hard, I often feel excluded from Monsieur's musical life. Personally, I enjoy opera, musical theatre ,"soft rock" and whatever is available as I travel the world. I have never been a night club or rock concert woman. While I tend to be quietly spoken and introspective, right now, Monsieur keeps telling me how he enjoys so and so's "ribald sense of humour." I am who I am : a family-oriented, house-proud, church-going, francophile bluestocking. How's that for a label?

I am joining an online reading group this September and I am going to enrol in a photography course in order to learn about my new camera before embarking on Fall Foliage Rails and Sails trip. I leave at the end of September for a journey that will take me from Québec City to San Diego where I will rendezvous with Monsieur, drive to Tucson, and be home in time for Christmas. Needless to say, I have already started thinking about what I will pack. My bulging closet needs weeding once more and I'm hoping that this will make my packing easier.

Today, I have plans that will help to brighten the grey skies of August. This morning, I will go for my workout and this evening, I am going with some friends to watch The Musical Ride. By this evening, the grey skies will probably have lifted.


  1. Your trip sounds wonderful...I have been to Maine and the East Coast but never in the fall. How lovely it will be.

    My local library is starting a series of speakers on various operas in conjunction with the LA Opera Company ~ I am looking forward to it. I love arias but I really don't know much about opera in general.

    Enjoy your trip!


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