After travelling Sunday, my friend and I have arrived in Boston where we will be joining Mayflower Tours Rails and Sails tour. I have spent no time in New England so this will be a new experience for me.

As we left our hotel this morning, I noticed an antiquarian book store.  The Brattle Book Store, established in 1825,  is one of Boston's oldest antiquarian bookstores. Despite my recent book weeding adventures with Maman, I had to visit.  They have so many books that they sell outside in the alley too.
Books and Bricks

The shop is stocked with so many interesting books that I could have spent the day browsing. My friend, Mary, bought a book on the lives of the saints. Resolutely, I walked out empty-handed. On the wall of the shop was a mural depicting the faces of authors. 

A Mural on the Bricks

Boston is enjoying sunshine and warm temperatures so we spent the day wandering. We will be joining a tour tomorrow so today we are relishing our independence. Tours are a good to way to visit an unfamiliar area but I find that I do not always feel sociable. Even with friends, I like to wander on my own sometimes and discover sights that are off the beaten track. A house front, an iron grille, a lovely garden have the power to enchant me.

Mary suggested that we look for the Cheers restaurant. We found it on Beacon Street and I ordered Boston Baked Beans of course. Mary had the Boston Clam Chowder.
Boston Beans and Boston Chowder

After lunch, we walked to the waterfront and saw the old market and the customs house. This would be one of the oldest markets in North America. The sky was blue, the sun was shining, our tummies were full so all was right in the world!

Tomorrow, after a sail in the Boston harbour, we will board a bus for Portland, Maine.

I was thinking of Boston books as Boston is  a bookish city.

I enjoyed Walden by Henry David Thoreau when I read it in university.  If I had time, I would visit Walden Pond. The Bostonians by Henry James was a novel that dealt with feminism and the role of women. There is a 1984 movie version with Vanessa Redgrave. One of my favourite authors of journals and poetry is May Sarton who lived in nearby Cambridge.

I picked up the Beacon Hill neighbourhood newspaper, if I lived here, I would visit the Athenaeum on Beacon Street where there are frequent lectures by noted authors. Boston is truly a cultural and literary mecca.
A Feminist and Literary Centre