Grand Prix d'Art

It's fun to recognize locations in the village.
We have a fun event in our community every September. It's called The Grand Prix of Art. A number of artists, adults and youth, participate in a plein air painting competition that takes place at various outdoor locations in our village.
The boardwalk passes in front of the restored cannery workers' houses.

The artists choose an outdoor site by lottery and have 3 hours to complete a painting. The paintings are hung in the old Britannia Heritage Shipyard Chinese Bunkhouse and the public are invited to view the finished products and to vote for the people's favourite. All of the paintings are offered for sale.
This is a youth entry. I walked past this site today with Maman.

Saturday was painting day and there were artists and spectators throughout the village. My friend and I went to view the paintings yesterday. I am amazed at the quality of the paintings. We enjoy identifying all of the community venues. After a drizzly morning, the sun broke through and we were able to walk along the boardwalk and to drink our coffee outside.

My dad used to call this Christina's park because my daughter once played music here with the school band.
On Sunday, I will be travelling to the east coast to experience autumn in a different location. This is my favourite season as I love the golden tones but I feel some sadness because my mother-in-law is slowly passing. This year, Monsieur and I will both have suffered the loss of a parent. It makes me aware of the time I spend with Maman who will be having her 82nd birthday on Saturday.
My mum and I like to wander together.


  1. I just found your post on Oaxaca. I also sponsor a family in Oaxaca, and hope to visit someday.

    Cheers,from a fellow Canadian,


  2. Oaxaca is a truly beautiful place to visit:art,ancient monuments and great food! It is authentic Mexico and I have found it very safe.


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