National Weight Stigma Awareness Week

Did you know that this is National Weight Stigma Awareness Week in the United States? Many of the over 55 year age group are uncomfortable and critical of our body shapes which are quite distinct from our weight.

Right now, I am wearing a size 14 in most clothing but I feel at my best when I wear a size 10. I am 5'3" so when I wear a size 10, I do not look the same as a person who is 5'9" wearing size 10. It seems to me that many of us wish to be taller or leaner or to have longer legs.

I walk 4 days of the week for 45 minutes and visit my personal trainer twice a week. I can leg press 140 pounds and use 45 pound weights for my upper body. I am strong but I am not slender.

I have no cholesterol problems because I eat a diet of fruit, vegetables, chicken and fish. Obviously, I need to fine tune my diet if I wish to wear a size 10. Many fellow bloggers can attest to the fact that it is possible to lose 2 sizes. While I would like to lose these 2 sizes, it is important to realize that whatever size I wear, I will still be me. The people who love me will love me if I am size 10 or size 20.

The media leads us to believe that if we change our bodies we can transform our lives. While weight loss may lower blood pressure, prevent Type 2 diabetes and give us more energy, it will probably not impact on our established relationships. If we are strong confident role models to younger women and we feel satisfied with ourselves, good health should be enough.


  1. I've been contending with similar issues recently -- my diet had veered far too close to my husband's as he's been the main cook at our place since his retirement. His frame and metabolism can carry it; mine can't. You're right to focus on the health and fitness aspects -- sounds if you have a healthy diet and that you keep active and strong.

  2. We are a weight-obsessed culture aren't we? Healthy and strong and able to enjoy life and accomplish what I need to do - these are the things that are important. Your attitude is the one I like! Dress size is one of the least important numbers.


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