Packing Again

Each time that I travel, I return home vowing to carry less with me. I haven't got to carryon mode because there are always countless situations ahead and I just don't know what clothing that I will need.
I read The Vivienne Files  daily and I purchased a helpful ebook called Travelling Light by Imogen Lamport but I still find it difficult to eliminate that extra baggage weight that becomes uncomfortable and inconvenient on travelling days. 

In October, I will be spending 16 days touring in Eastern Canada and New England. I will be travelling with a group to see the fall foliage and there will be some dinners with the other tour members. I have decided that dark brown dress pants, a brown jersey skirt  and a pair of brown casual pants worn with beige, creme and orange tops should provide me with enough options for layering.  In New York, I will be going to the New York Philharmonic and to Motown the Musical at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre. I think that my brown dress pants should take me to both events and I will probably wear some soft, low boots with them.I'll look at the weather before I leave but will probably just take a light raincoat and hat.

I board a ship in Québec City to travel down the coast to the Panama Canal and up to San Diego. It is likely that it will be warm and humid for this part of the trip.  My thought is to switch out the dark brown pants to beige capris to be worn with the same beige, creme and orange tops and pack two brown and orange sundresses that can be worn sightseeing, for casual evenings and over my bathing suit. I still have formal evenings to consider but my dress brown pants, a long taupe skirt,  and a couple of sparkly tops in gold and bronze should suffice.

If I am able to stay within my plan, my footwear, scarves and jewellery should coordinate with all of my outfits. This is a completely different type of travelling from my sojourns in Paris but I am committed to lightening my load!

I really, really liked what Janice Riggs planned for A Femme's book tour and my wardrobe is just a switch from navy to brown.


  1. Thank you for your visit - it prompted me to visit your blog, and I'm glad I did. I will have to look into the online book club - if only because the current book is by Jane Gardam, whose work I love. I've just finished Las Friends. Excellent read.
    Last year I went to Belgium and the UK for three weeks with only a carry-on - quite an accomplishment for a woman who thinks that one should take a different pair of shoes for every event! Your plan seems sound to me - and you can always pick something up along the way. It sounds like a great trip!

  2. Bonjour and merci for your visit chez French Girl in Seattle.

    Your trip sounds truly exciting. I would love to be there, with the right wardrobe or not. :-) It sounds as if you have given packing a lot of thought, and I am sure you will be just fine and ready to dress for any occasion...

    Funny you should post about fashion. I did too, this afternoon. The Parisian stores I describe may not work well wth the "neutral tones" wardrobe, though... A bientôt.

  3. I would LOVE to be packing for a trip right now -- and you sound as if you've done a great job for yours. I actually like the freedom from choice that my carry-on wardrobe gives me, but we rarely pack as many social events into a trip as you do.

  4. Thanks for linking to my ebook! Capsules are the way to go when travelling. Also, planning what you're doing, I tend to find that then I can eliminate a lot!


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