Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Canadian Book Challenge and Revisiting My Boxes

Monsieur and I live in 900 square feet  which, since living in Paris, I find more than ample for one person with friendly visitors and not  many belongings. I have just discovered another interesting new blog 66 Square Feet where the author, her French husband and a cat live graciously in an apartment in New York. However, the displaced Monsieur has set up a practise studio on our enclosed balcony and I have many boxes of books which I fully intend to reread in retirement.

Which brings me to my first book of The Canadian Book Challenge: Paris Notebooks by Mavis Gallant. My copy is an old Macmillan paperback, yellowed with age and purchased for $4.95 Canadian sometime in the eighties. Paris was just a dream then and the writings of Mavis Gallant were a foray into a fantasy land. This reading will be from a totally different perspective. I'm going to start reading today and will write my first review for The Book Mine Set later this week.

I admire Mavis Gallant as do many other international readers and writers. You might enjoy this trailer from Youtube. Do you ever reread books and find that you are reading from a totally different perspective? Do you believe that it is what we bring to the book that makes it rich and meaningful to us?

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  1. I've been reading 66 Square Feet as well -- amazing how much she can grow on that patio!