Do You Cruise?

It seems that there are two kinds of people:those who cruise and those who do not.  I am both kinds of person. I probably never would have started had not my mother-in-law decided to travel from Vancouver to Alaska on the ship. She had no one to take with her so she took me! I went with her 5 times after that.

My husband never wanted to travel so a cruise seemed like the solution. He could sleep in the same bed every night and we could travel together.  For a while that seemed to work but he has tired of ship life.

Ship life involves a lot of camaraderie and a lot of eating.  I try to stay away from rich meals but food is abundant. Dressing up is another important aspect of cruise life. I am on a 28 day cruise so there are 8 formal nights.  I attend the opera at home and have some occasion to dress up. Eight nights is a lot!

Monsieur and I usually take excursions from the ship but I have visited many of these ports before and I  speak French and Spanish so I feel confident about my ability to sightsee without a guide. I am an independent traveller so  I don't worry about being alone.

There are those who believe that cruising is more suited to the elderly which is partly true but disembarking in to tender boats is probably difficult for the 80+ set who seem to enjoy playing cards and bingo.

Internet is difficult on ship.  I have paid for access but it does not seem to work well from our stateroom.
I am in the library typing on an unfamiliar computer. A plus however is that Holland America ships have a marvelous library. A chief-librarian in Seattle chooses the books and there are book clubs on longer voyages! I wouldn't mind the job for 3 months!

My meter is running so I shall be brief. Do you enjoy cruising? Is it something that you might do as you get older?


  1. So far, it isn't something I think I'd do, but I can see the appeal of some of the smaller cruises, especially for singles.

  2. As a sociable introvert, I have to spend time in the stateroom reading and writing because I have a hard time being with strangers all day.

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