New York! New York!

Times Square
We have been staying at the St. James Hotel just a block from Times Square. If you are looking for a luxury hotel, this is not the one for you but we have 2 queen beds, a clean bathroom and free wifi. What else could we need? We can walk to all of the theatres, Central Park and Fifth Avenue. Next door, there is a deli/restaurant that serves an inexpensive breakfast, there are three Irish pubs on our block and all sorts of inexpensive ethnic food can be found in the neighbourhood. Most restaurant portions are far too generous for us to finish so sharing a meal or choosing an appetizer is a good idea.

We decided that we would like to see a symphony, a Broadway musical and an off-Broadway play during our stay. We bought our tickets online in advance because we knew we did not want to queue for tickets. Tuesday, we took a taxi to the Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center to see the New York Philharmonic play Beethoven's 9th Symphony with a companion piece by Mark-Anthony Turnage. The concert was sold out! To watch Alan Gilbert conduct is delightful as he is so expressive and the
Philharmonic is magnificent. We sat next to a 95 year-old lady who has had season tickets for 52 years!

Wednesday afternoon, we went to see the Motown Musical which is based on 25 years of the life of Berry Gordy, the man who discovered The Supremes, Marvin Gaye, The Jackson Five and Smokey Robinson. This production was sold out as well with 60-somethings on the sidewalk trying to buy tickets. Again, we were glad to have bought ours in advance. The singers sounded a lot like the original artists and some  members of audience were singing along. The show was great fun!

Yesterday, we had our off-Broadway experience with a play called Me and Jezebel which was on at the Snapple Theater, a off-beat little place where three plays are presented in repertory. Me and Jezebel is a 2 actor play where Elizabeth Fuller tells about the 32 days in 1985 when Bette Davis came to stay.
There were about 20 people in the audience and we were almost on the stage. Ever since I saw Richard Dreyfus play an off-Broadway actor in the Good-bye Girl, I have wanted to see an off-Broadway play.

You can find some quiet in Central Park.
I have enjoyed my time in New York but the pace is exhausting. Walking through Times Square, hailing a cab in the rain, visiting museums and theatres and sampling seasonal ales has tired me out. Tomorrow, Mary heads home and I fly to Québec City to embark on a 28 day cruise through the Maritime provinces, down the Eastern seabord to Cartagena, Colombia, through the Panama Canal and up to San Diego to meet Monsieur. A few sea days with a book and perhaps some stitchery or a crossword puzzle seem like a good thing right now! I'll be in Canada for Thanksgiving


  1. Sounds as if you've made the most of your time in New York, but I can well imagine you're ready for a rest! I'm taking note of your hotel as our standards seem to be very similar generally.


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