NYC at Last

Yesterday, we travelled from Hyannis to New York City on the Peter Pan Bus Lines.  Bidding adieu to our travelling companions of the last week, Mary and I undertook our 6 hour trip to New York. After a week of sitting near the back of the bus, we took the opportunity to nab the front seats. We travelled through Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York state. Except for some heavy rains in New York state, the trip was pleasant and restful.

The NYC bus terminal is huge. I am accustomed to the taxi queues in London or Paris and followed the signs to the taxi stand. There were no taxis! I am travelling with one heavy suitcase (for me) and a carryon. We rolled on to 9th Avenue which was  one-way going the wrong way during a rainy rush hour and found that we could not get a cab. The only possible option was to walk through the crowds of Central Manhattan pulling our bags. The Volga Boatman song came to my mind. In front of one theatre there was a large group of young people blocking the sidewalk as they waited for some mysterious event. As I had not eaten for 8 hours and was pulling about 40 kilos behind me, I am afraid I rolled over some toes as I moved through the crowd. Beware of crabby old ladies pulling heavy bags and MOVE!

When we arrived at our budget hotel, I noticed to my further chagrin that there was no doorman. In my 2-star Europe life, there is never a doorman and I always schlep bags but somehow after having porterage included with Mayflower tours, I am getting a bit soft. The man at the desk said that we could use the bellman's trolley but I couldn't get it into the tiny elevator. By the time that we arrived in the room, we were ready for a beer and dinner at the nearby Connolly's Pub. We are developing a taste for Samuel Adams Seasonal ale. The proprietor, who was from Kerry, visited each of the tables, checking on our satisfaction. Great place to visit and only 3 doors down from our hotel.

We fell asleep early to prepare for our first day of  touring the Big Apple.