Out at Sea

It's been a long time because Internet is costly and unreliable at sea. Right now, it is 6:00 a.m. just off the coast of Cartagena. Sunrise is early as we are about 12 degrees North. The heat and the humidity is intense but right now the sea is calm.

This cruise has been weird without Monsieur. I really miss him although I don't think that he would be enjoying himself that much. It's 4 weeks since I left home and I am finding the cruise a bit long. The ship has been full since we left Fort Lauderdale. I am an introvert and can only deal with strangers for so long. The other day, an irate guest, who was complaining to a staff member about the delay in tenders actually clipped me in the face and knocked my glasses off as I was standing in line waiting for a tender ticket. A normal-looking man, he had no apology or awareness of the effect of his flailing until I told him that he was very rude.

I have read 8 books in 14 days. My favourite was The Hummingbird's Daughter by Urrea, a Mexican-American author who writes about the indigenous people of Sinaloa. I really empathize with the Mexican peoples (they are ethnically as diverse as Europeans) and find their culture fascinating.

I attended a class on digital photography but it is impossible to upload photos on this slow connection. I am quite proud of some of my photos and will share them at a later date.

We toured the Kennedy Space Centre at Port Canaveral and I felt patriotic to see the Canadarm. I wonder at the money spent when there is still homelessness and hunger on this planet.

I am trying to maintain a healthy eating program as I really want to lose the middle. I see people a few years older than I am and I fear for my mobility. Walking and reading are really integral parts of my life and I would hate to lose the possibility of either.

Sometimes, what we learn from a journey is more about ourselves than about the places that we visit! What lessons have you learned from travel?


  1. That is a long time to be away. A cruise must impose its own odd rhythms to adjust to and demand strategies for mixing with others and for finding time to be alone. I'm looking forward to seeing your photographs -- a photography course is on my "someday" list. . .


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