A Lesson in Packing

I have been away from home for almost 2 months, starting in Boston, cruising from Québec City to San Diego, living for 3 weeks in sunny Tucson and now preparing to drive back with Monsieur to Canada. I started my journey uncertain as to weather and to activities along the way. I also started my journey with le valise diabolique and a carry-on. If you recall, I muttered the Volga Boatman Song as I hauled le valise for blocks in the rain in New York City. As it turned out, none of my travelling companions dressed up so Madame has been living out of the carryon for almost two months.

Beige, brown and orange, accented with turquoise and an array of jewellery have been my staples. I have even been wearing the same orange loafers most days. My Gerry Weber outfits have taken me to dinner, Lincoln Centre and to church while my inexpensive beige capris and boot-cut pants have seen me through most days. I wash tops in Woolite and hang to dry each evening and voilà. Admittedly, I have not worn my jacket, raincoat or hat in the two months. I will be needing them soon.
Leopard, orange and brown
So, lesson learned:next time only take a few pieces. Edit, edit, edit. When I go home, it will be WW for me and careful contemplation of what  I REALLY need to pack.