At Home on the Desert

We have most of our meals outside.
It's curious how we adapt so easily to our settings. Monsieur and I are enjoying our 400 square foot casita, tucked amid the cacti. We hear only birds, crickets and an occasional dog. Although we have neighbours in the "big house" right now, we never hear them or see them. This property has been landscaped so that there are private seating and lounging opportunities in every corner with a choice of shade or sun. We don't have an inside table so we eat most of our meals outside.
The desert flowers attract butterflies and hummingbirds to our  patio.
 As we live in an apartment at home, this lifestyle is a treat for us. We read, write, listen to music and tour about to see the sights of this area which is so different from our home. Yesterday, we drove across desert and up a mountain to 6700 feet above sea level to visit the Kitt Peak Observatory, an important site for astronomic observation.  The view from this elevation was overwhelming and I marvel at the vast spaces of uninhabited land. This beauty is so different from our green coniferous forests and rugged seashores of home.

View from Kitt Peak

I am not a person who can live by natural scenery alone. I enjoy thinking about the people who have inhabited different areas: what they believed and how they lived. I've done a bit of reading about the indigenous people and Monsieur and I have discovered a giant used book store near our casita. It not only sells used books but also musical equipment. Oh, is this Là-bas heaven! Monsieur keeps looking at a vintage bass amplifier (like we need more sound equipment) and I will exchange any books that I have for new ones before heading home. I have my eye on an anthology of Arizona writers. They also have free musical concerts so we heard a Bossa Nova guitar player and a Portuguese singer this afternoon. This is a university town as well as a retirement centre so there are plenty of cultural activities for all ages.

Besides the physical and intellectual, this year I have chosen to explore the spiritual part of my life.
Today, I visited Desert Skies United Methodist Church where the congregation were friendly and welcoming. The sermon dealt with fear and how it was a pointless exercise to worry. As I was already anxious about going to an unfamiliar church and meeting unfamiliar people, the sermon hit the nail on the head! With hope and faith, worry is unnecessary.
The sun is setting.
All of a sudden, the sky turns pink and then it's dark.