Wherever you go, there you are....

Paris 2012
There is a book about mindfulness meditation by Jon Kabat-Zinn titled Wherever You Go, There You Are.  It's an excellent title and I'm not sure if Kabat-Zinn was the originator or whether it is from the Buddha. In my experience, this saying is completely accurate.

Before our retirement, Monsieur and I decided that travel would be an important part of our "golden years". Our first trip together was a repositioning cruise leaving Vancouver and travelling through the Panama Canal to Fort Lauderdale. Monsieur was very keen on the engineering feat, read a lot about  the routes and discovered Karaoke on the cruise so all was well.

Next came my Paris study holiday. I was studying for 4 months and travelling about Europe for a month. As I had rented an apartment in Paris, I was hoping that M. would love the City of Light as much as I do. Monsieur was researching the war records of his grandfather and believed that he had been at Passchendale. Monsieur came for only a week but it was when I had mid-term break so we went to visit the battlefields in Belgium. Monsieur does not want to return to Europe. To me, Europe is not only rich with the art, literature and history but with the music and outdoor activities that Monsieur enjoys. There are so many jazz bars and open mics in Paris' Latin Quarter and in Montparnasse that one could go out every night.
Monsieur in the North Cascades
Right now, the sun is shining on the saguaro outside our window, the cactus wren is calling out and the temperature is pleasant. I am sitting at the bistro table soaking in the afternoon's rays. I have found a friendly church, a nail salon, a neighbourhood bar and restaurant, a drycleaner and a bookstore.
Wherever I am, I find what I need and could easily settle in for months. Although, old friends are impossible to replace, there are so many possible friends in the world that we need never be lonely.

Monsieur prefers short holidays, road trips and camping. He enjoys our annual trip to the North Cascades where he can hike and bike. Right now, performing music is very important to mon mari. Yesterday, we noticed that our local bar in Tucson has live music and karaoke but we head north tomorrow. 

Retirement is not only a time of self-discovery but a time for us to learn more about our relationships.