Christmas Outing

Nutcracker at the Christmas Market
Yesterday, my daughter and I donned boots, hats and gloves to visit the Christmas Market in downtown Vancouver. It is the first time that I have been to the market and the first time for many years that I have been downtown at Christmas with my daughter. Daughter works shifts and as I get older, my trips to the city are fewer.

When I was a child, our family drove downtown to see the Christmas windows and lights.  As there were no suburban shopping centres, this was my family's major outing of the year. We had no fast-food restaurants at that time so a dinner out was a cause for celebration and very good manners. We wore our best clothes as we were likely to have our photo snapped with Santa Claus.

When my daughter was young, her father and I liked to take her to see the Nutcracker ballet every year.
We dressed up in our finery to attend the production. I have always believed that music and dance are an important part of young children's experiences. To this day, my daughter enjoys a lot of live theatrical and musical productions. 

As I get older, I am less likely to purchase the lovely ornaments at the Christmas Market. We don't always put up a tree in our apartment as I am not a fan of artificial  trees and we have no visiting children. 

Christmas ornaments from Germany.
My daughter and I had a happy outing day with lots of memories and very little expense. Today is the Solstice and the coming days will surely be brighter.


  1. We peered in at the Christmas Market when we were at the QE for opera a few weeks ago -- quite honestly, it always looks a bit too busy and claustrophobic for me. I do remember those special drives downtown, although living in New Westminster, we had less need for those as we had our own several department stores. We did travel down to look in the much better-decorated windows of the downtown store -- the magically moving figures, the wondrous winter scenes. And then I did take my oldest daughter, at 2 and 3 years old, downtown to see the same windows and to visit the Santa at the old Woodwards. . . . talk about dating myself. Only The Bay is in the same place, and there's not much downtown for little ones these days. . . .

  2. No, the magic of the Woodward's windows and the seasonal family outing have been replaced by concept stores for grownups. I remember when New Westminster had at least two department stores and really was The Royal City. What is important is spending time with our adult children and sharing our traditions with them.


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