Home Again!

Learning to take a selfy
Back home again and resolved to eliminate excess of all sorts. I was able to function in 400 square feet in the casita and I am finding our 950 square foot apartment rather crowded. During December, I am taking stock of which items of clothing that I actually wear. Today, I am wearing my Breton shirt and a scarf that I bought in Guatemala. Monsieur and I will be having  coffee with neighbours and going grocery shopping for some healthy food. We are both joining Weight Watchers on Thursday as our middles are definitely expanding.

Our holiday calendar is starting to fill up with Christmas parties, choir concerts and Monsieur's gigs. I am easily overwhelmed by social activities and need  to listen to my own voice. Too much food, too much drink and too many people make Madame uncomfortable.

Someone shared a great TED talk video with me about generosity and happiness. If we remember this throughout the holiday, our lives will hopefully feel less stressful.


  1. I watched the TED talk and will send it along - a good pick-me-up at this time of year when we're bombarded with advertisements.
    Good luck with WW - I have been following the plan for five months with great results.

  2. That perspective from having been away is good, isn't it? Let's us see home in a new light. And let me echo what Pondside says -- I've really found WW a big help in re-educating myself about what makes my body run best.


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