Adieu à 2013

On January 4, my dad died.
When I look back on 2013, it has been a year of loss for our family. My dad died after struggling with heart disease for several years. While I miss him, I am thankful for having a dad until I reached the age of 61 and that I had time in my retirement to spend with him.

Monsieur lost his mother in September. He also had a chance to spend "alone time" with his mother and to experience the joy that she took in the music he played at the care home where she lived.

Although many of us reject the idea of care facilities, both of our parents benefitted from professional care and the opportunities for companionship and enrichment that were available to them.  I recently watched the beautiful French movie Amour that deals with the loving end of life relationship between a husband and wife. The film touched my heart because some of my parents' friends are dealing with these issues right now.

My plan for the first five years of retirement is focussed on travel. I understand that I will not always have the health or resources to continue to travel extensively. The suitcase (valise diabolique) and the absences from my husband are becoming less attractive but there is still much of the world to explore.

I am approaching my 62nd birthday in January and I am experiencing a feeling about ageing that I have not felt before. This is a time to face my life and to try to live with inner and outer peace. I don't really know what that means but I'm sure that it will be a challenge. Each year is a gift to us if we continue to get to know ourselves better.
Last January's snowdrop.
Each January, I look for the snowdrop that is my personal sign of renewal.


  1. Our year was like that as well, in 2013, and we also just viewed Amour and were very moved by it. And I, too, despite being very happy with so many aspects of my life, find it unavoidable from time to time to confront aspects of aging and mortality. Much more so since I turned 60, I believe. It's just math, right? Meanwhile, though, the snowdrop is a very good symbol to hang on to. I look forward to seeing where your suitcase will take you this year.


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