Another Year

Yesterday was my 62nd birthday. I am grateful for all of the devoted and caring friends that I have. Although I am a person who loves to spend time reading, listening to music or just puttering in the apartment, I value the connections that I have with so many different people.

I believe that my life is enriched by association with individuals and with groups  of people who help to support each other through all of life's challenges. On Saturday, I got together for coffee with two teaching friends and we spent 3 hours catching up on news of each other's families, planning music lessons for special needs children and just talking.

On Sunday, I visited with my church community and felt a feeling of peace and renewal as I sang the hymns and listened to a sermon on faith. I believe that the strength is in each of us to create the life that we want. Sunday evening, Monsieur and I had dinner with my brother and sister-in-law at a special seafood restaurant. I do not often spend my birthday dinner with my brother so it was a special treat.

Monday, Monsieur gave me a book by Robert Thurman and Sharon Salzberg called Love Your Enemies. Maman and I had lunch together and in the evening, I had a group discussion meeting about faith. I really enjoy the discussions that are based on the weekly sermons at church. Two of us were celebrating birthdays so we shared healthy snacks.

We all have our challenges and issues in life. When we share them with others, we gain many different perspectives. I feel grateful for all of those people with whom I am connected and who make each day of my life a little richer.


  1. A Belated Happy Birthday to you! It sounds as if you celebrated in ways that were meaningful to you.

  2. And Belated Happy Birthday from me as well!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday! I love a January birthday, my daughter's is this Sunday and she is so excited about her party. She will be 7. There's so much snow in NYC I asked the bakery to decorate her cake with snowflakes. It's very fitting at the moment! Thank you for your comments on my shopping ban post. I love that you have made it 3 weeks on your own ban! I think you should do a post on your experience with it. I'm still interested in this as a topic and love to hear how others fare and any tips on how to succeed.


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