Finally February!!!

February is blooming.
I've been taking a little break from blogging as sometimes my life is just not that interesting. So many of us are dealing with ageing, acceptance of our own mortality, responsibilities for elderly parents and what to wear each day that I have not found it necessary to add my voice. But with chilly blue skies and the first signs of spring, my mood has changed!
And blooming…..
Maman and I visited LaConner for two nights this week. We stayed a very pretty Bed and Breakfast where each morning, we were served lovely berries, yogurt, granola, and fritatta. We could not eat it all but we very much enjoy the Wild Iris. We spent our days, touring, browsing in little shops (buying very little) and eating (the restaurant portions were much too large!)
We love to stay here!
I even found a French country store!
Tomorrow I am going to see an unfamiliar opera, The Florentine Straw Hat by Nino Rota. My opera companions are new to me as well so it should be an adventure.

I have now reached the third month without hair colour. As the stylist lifted colour from my hair, I really look more blonde that grey. One more trim before I go to Europe!

I am reading Une Femme for packing tips because I will be travelling on National Express coach in Britain. If you are over 60, a senior's card saves a lot of money especially if you travel on Tuesday. Maman just spoke to her cousin in Whalsay, Shetland and my bed is secured. There are no hotels on the island whose inhabitants are probably all related to me by blood or by marriage.

I love the chilly blue skies. Today, I will buy tulips to brighten the apartment. In a month, I will be in another apartment near Goodge Street in London. I faintly recall a song about the area.

Spring comes very early to the Pacific coast of Canada. Materfamilias' bright red Adirondack chairs look out on a chilly sea but the colours of February seem to signal a reawakening.


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