I have spent the last two months in hibernation. Did you ever think about the word? It comes from the Latin "hibernatus" which means to spend the winter. The Latin name for Ireland is Hibernia, a land of winter.

I love the quiet of home during the grey days. To read a book or to prepare a cauldron meal is so comforting to me! I do see my walking partner, my trainer, my mother, my daughter and my friends but I feel no attraction to general busyness. I have too many possessions in my apartment to consider buying anything else. I am charting my food intake so frequent sorties to restaurants are a waste of time.

Right now, I am engrossed in reading A Novel Bookstore by Laurence Cossé. I have been watching French movies and BBC productions on Netflix.

This weekend, I am going on a silent retreat with members of the church. As I have said before, church-going is a new activity for me and I am always open to new experiences.

Next Friday, March 7, I fly to London with my light suitcase. Yes, I remember le valise diabolique! Never again! London, York, Edinburgh, Paris, Shetland, Cornwall and Devon! So many places to visit and experience... I guess perhaps I am wise to hibernate right now.

  Since retirement, I have become much more aware of my own biorhythms and preferences. Do the seasons affect you? What comfort activities do you choose for the colder, greyer days of winter?


  1. Hibernation is exactly what I've been fortunate enough to do this week. . . .
    I've got that title bookmarked since you mentioned it earlier.
    And I'm looking forward to following your travel adventures -- only a week away!


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