An Early Spring in York

Museum Garden in York
We are enjoying an early spring in England. We travelled by National Express Coach from London to York for very few pounds. Our Canadian dollar is valued at half of the pound so we are finding most purchases expensive. The Senior concession cards have reduced our transportation costs and our
room at The Georgian Bed and Breakfast in York is so tiny that we have to climb over our luggage.

Little has changed in York since I was here 30 years ago. The narrow winding streets are lined with shops, bakeries and pubs. Vehicles are barred from many of the streets and Park and Ride buses are plentiful.  We rode the Hop-on, Hop-off bus to get an overview of the town. Again with the concession card! There are benefits to being of a certain age.

Yesterday, we went to the Yorkminster for a Lenten church service. The double choir (adults and children) was inspiring and the sermon was about Nicodemus and rebirth,  most suitable for a the flowering season.
Camellias in a courtyard near the Minster.
In England, where Mothering Sunday is celebrated in March, the shop windows are decorated with beautiful displays of chocolate and of floral scents. I especially liked these playful river otters.
York is chocolate heaven!

Janet and I have been enjoying a lot of pub meals since we arrived. Today we had pork belly with sage dressing wrapped in a Yorkshire with Bramley applesauce. I am looking forward to Scottish salmon and vegetables when we get to Scotland.


  1. It's 30 years since I was last in York as well, although I was in Yorkshire (the north coast of) about 10 years ago visiting relatives. Even on a budget, travel is worthwhile, and it's still accessible to adventurous retirees, as you make clear. Enjoy!


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