Dimanche dans Le Marais

Saint Eustache

Sunday is a special day in Paris. Few shops are open so Parisiens take to the streets to shop at markets, to get fresh air, to play in the parks and to visit with friends in cafés. Janet and I started the day by attending the Lenten service at Saint Eustache, a very large Gothic church noted for being the home of the largest pipe organ in France. If you look online, you may find a free concert or two at this church.

Healthy food is readily available in Paris.
We arrived early at the church and found to our delight that there was a market happening in the street next to the church. As it is easy to find fresh fruit and vegetables in Paris, Madame will be working on the blood pressure. Les salades composées in restaurants are very large and often contain cheese or charcuterie so homemade salads at the apartment are best for me.

The organ music is exquisite.
The service was a little more formal than that of my home church but I enjoyed the clarity of the French sermon and readings. It was great practise for me to listen.  Wherever I go, I find personal peace when visiting a church. 
Les Halles is going to be fantastic when it is finished.

I marvel at how the Les Halles revitalization is happening. Once the "belly of Paris", replaced by a shopping centre and now turning into another fantastic green space, the project is taking longer and costing more than expected but c'est toujours comme ça à Paris. The results will be worth the wait.

Many of the restaurants do not employ a full kitchen staff on Sunday. The French are protective of their  personal lives and the law in France specifically forbids overwork. Thus, we were "forced" to have a croque-madame for lunch.
What did I say about blood pressure?

Sunday evening was our theatre night in Paris. If you like comedy and have a bit of a ribald sense of humour (warning:some might find the show rude), go to see How to Become Parisian in One Hour. It was hilarious especially since Janet has noted how "un-Canadian" I can become after a short time in Europe. We were in the first row and I got tossed a box of Camembert and invited to dance on stage. Not even in Paris!!!

When we arrived home, I received an e-mail from our land-lady that my suitcase would be delivered sometime before midnight! At 10:30, a strong-looking delivery man rang our buzzer and offered to carry my suitcase up the 5 flights. He didn't even huff and puff a bit. Perhaps after 5 weeks here, I'll be like that too. A perfect ending to a perfect day.


  1. Hooray for the return of your luggage!
    The lunch does look delicious....with all your walking it will all balance out.
    What district is your apartment located in? How did you find it? An agency perhaps?

  2. My apartment is in the Marais near the Place des Vosges. I found it through an agency called Paris Sweet Home. Enquire with any agency whether they charge an extra agency fee. You will certainly enjoy the Paris life.

  3. So glad you got your suitcase back! And how clever of you to manage not to carry it up those stairs yourself -- all it took was letting the airline misplace it :-(
    Are you right near Place des Vosges? wonderful!
    We only have two days in Paris this year, so I'm paying close attention to your visit, deciding what we'll focus on in such a short time.


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