Paris in Springtime!

Au Père Tranquille
Janet and I awoke after our horrendous day of travel refreshed and ready to explore Le Marais but first… Oh, no! Janet has no camera and Madame has very few clothes and only two days' worth of blood pressure medication.

After having spent considerable time in Paris, I am able to handle most situations. We researched comparable cameras and headed to FNAC at Les Halles where Janet found a better camera at a reasonable price.

Our second serious problem is that I require my medication. Pharmacists in France have attained the designations of Doctors of Pharmacy and I was able to have my prescription filled without much ado simply by explaining my situation.

Having resolved two major issues, we were able to enjoy a delicious lunch at Au Père Tranquille, a brasserie near Les Halles. I enjoyed my Salade Titanic (smoked salmon and shrimp with lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes) while Janet lunched on a delicious omelette Auvergnate. 
Une Omelette Auvergnate
Much has changed near Les Halles ( I always have to remind myself that there is no liaison). Last year there was a big hole and this year, gardens and a playground. What a revival of the old market area! We are going back today to attend a service at Saint Eustache where we will get a chance to listen to the organ.

It s impossible to be unhappy in Paris in the springtime! Our apartment is "chouette" and we will definitely be more fit after having to climb up to the 4th floor with our groceries. Janet is well-pleased with her new camera. I will hopefully get my suitcase back or  else I will purchase a few new clothes.

J'adore Paris!
Janet assembled the camera in the restaurant!


  1. You look fabulous in your mauve beret and scarf! I am so happy that you are enjoying Paris and I will be glued to every word, picture as I hope to learn from your experience. I would also like to know more about your apartment where it is and what it looks like.
    The food looks delicious too....enjoy!

  2. Ah, good to know about the liaison in Les Halles -- that will take me some getting used to. I take it the H sounds more than I've been doing. . . . what an ordeal your flight from Edinburgh was! Crossing my fingers that your bag shows up. Have you resolved the potential problem with your bankcard? Isn't it lovely to be so comfortable in your second home and second language? Others would have been deterred by these mishaps but you're able to fix things quickly and enjoy Paris. Carry on! ;-)

  3. I can hardly wait to see the "new" Les Halles. Your lunch looks splendid, as does your purple chapeau and scarf.


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