Unto Each Day a Little Rain Must Fall

Yesterday was that day! Leaving Edinburgh for Paris via Flybe Airlines was an adventure. Janet and I were up at 5:00 a.m. in preparation for the day. Taxi ordered, breakfast delivered at 6:00 ( actually 6:10 but the man was very nice). I heartily recommend the Royal Overseas League (not fancy, undergoing renovations in the halls but friendly staff and really excellent value.

On arriving at the check-in counter, we are told that we are at the wrong Flybe check-in counter. We roll along to another, 28 lanes away where we encounter a new self check-in system. I don't understand self check-in because it takes 3 employees to help the passenger to use it. When Janet ended up owing 325 pounds for her suitcase, we knew that there was a problem. A bevy of employees rushed to our assistance and I ended up having to reconfigure my bags. We were over by 7 pounds total between us.

On attempting to get a few euros at the airport, my bank card did not work! I knew that I had not reached my daily limit. I am starting to feel a little anxious.  We sat to relax in the boarding lounge when we heard the final call for our flight. They apparently do not call flights in Edinburgh. After our very early arrival, we might have missed our flight which was short, crowded but relatively peaceful.

Flybe arrives in Terminal 2 at Charles DeGaulle but you have to take many escalators and a train to retrieve your baggage. On arriving at Carousel 31, Madame is no longer so patient. We wait, we wait,
we wait…… Janet's bag arrives but…… I make my way to Les Baggages to speak to a very nice French man. I now have a file number!

In my suitcase is my carefully selected travel wardrobe( I chose grey with blue and mauve to flatter my newly greying hair) and my hiking clothes for my later adventures. The best-laid  plans…. Hopefully, the bag will be found as it also contains my extra medication. I have enough for 2 days in my purse so I will try to get 7 days of blood pressure medication from a pharmacy.

I have been working on acceptance and a positive attitude this year. My problems are definitely those
of the privileged and I will certainly survive. We are going to the Marché Robert Lenoir and the Musée Carnavalet today. We also have to go to FNAC because Janet's camera has packed it in!!! She is our photographer and she is lost without it. It never rains but it pours!