When you're tired of London, you're tired of life!

Early Spring in Regent's Park
Here I am in London! Sunday was a sunny, warm day and Janet and I strolled through Regent's Park. There were early ducklings and lots of Londoners sitting on the grass. We are renting a flat in Fitzrovia and can easily walk anywhere in the city.

We have a local pub, the Fitzroy Tavern, frequented in earlier days by George Orwell and Dylan Thomas. There's nothing like a pub pie with a beer to feel like a true Londoner!
Fitzroy Tavern

Today, I visited Bloomsbury and the British Museum where I avoided large groups of school children in among the Antiquities. I love wandering the streets of Bloomsbury, stopping for bookstores and blue historic markers.
I love all the Caldecott award winners for picture books

Books and more books!
Janet walked for 11+ miles and saw the Queen (she really did!)  Tonight we had a very tasty South Indian meal at Ragam. We shared a dinner of dosas, Malabar fish curry, cauliflower and peas, and a number of vegetable side dishes. There was so much that we will have it for dinner tomorrow.

Our flat is surrounded by universities, architectural design firms and dining possibilities. With such gorgeous weather and a well-appointed flat to return to each evening, all is well with the world!


  1. Wonderful! You're safely there and settled in and I follow along the footsteps you describe here with happy recognition. We just booked our hotel today for a 4-day stay in early June en route to France. I do envy your longer stay and will be following your travels about the city keenly.


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