Easter Sunday

On my street is a lovely shop called Peterhof.
Each Easter Sunday that I spend in Europe is a little different. Two years ago, I travelled with my daughter to London for a week-end break from classes and last year, my friend Janet and I were both   ill in our Montmartre apartment after having eaten some delicious Asian take-away food. This year, I am attending a performance of Cyrano de Bergerac at a neighbourhood theatre and buying my last bunch of Paris flowers. I will probably buy lilacs, one of my springtime favourites.
Lilacs bloom everywhere in Paris.
Lilacs seem to be special to Paris. Romany sell them in the streets, there is a Porte des Lilas near Gambetta and I used to pass the Closerie des Lilas in Montparnasse. There was an old French saying that you should plant your potatoes when the lilacs are in bloom.

In this gallery there is a sculpture of a man with missing parts in the actual window that reflects the arches of the Place des Vosges. Blossoms frame a mixed media open window that is hanging on the wall. 
It's another sunny day and the people of the Marais are once again basking on the lawns of the Place des Vosges. The special at Café Hugo is roast lamb with roasted potatoes. Délicieux! I won't need to eat again before attending the play. Sunday really is a wonderful day in Paris! Sunshine, flowers, and a little magic!

I couldn't resist a bit of Easter self-indulgence! It's called sortilège which means a kind of magic.

After all my thought of lilacs, I decided on a small bouquet of roses, peony and hydrangea!


  1. Although I'm having a very nice Easter at home with family, I'm also enjoying my vicarious stroll through a sunny Paris with you. Merci, et Joyeuses Pâques!

  2. It has been remarkable weather both in Britain and in Paris! Parfait pour une flâneuse! Joyeuses Pâques!


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