Election, Signs and Street Names (More Flâneries)

When I was here two years ago, François Hollande and the Socialist Party were elected to office. The people in Paris were jubilant. Tonight I listened to M. Hollande address a nation that had clearly shown its dissatisfaction with his government over issues of unemployment, social justice and the economy.
He has appointed a new Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, and promises stronger and more innovative measures to address France's problems. If you want to improve your oral comprehension of French, listening to political speeches on the Internet is a great method. They are usually very clear and you will find a transcript somewhere.

I love just strolling around Paris on Sunday or Monday when most of the shops are closed. I wonder how the closures affect unemployment. The notices and the graffiti are works of art. I can not walk a block without stopping to read a poster or some urban wisdom(?).
Next week-end will be a European celebration of artisans.
There are beginner tango lessons at my neighbourhood restaurant.

The only billboards that I have seen are the distinctive Apple signs that are paying for the restoration of some of the buildings in the Marais. I wonder how they arranged that as these are historical areas. (16th-17th century).
Another iPhone sign.
Outside my local restaurant, Le Café Hugo, there is a quotation from Victor himself:

No wonder that Hugo was so beloved by the French people.
Another impediment to my ever achieving a brisk walking pace in Paris are the street names. I live on Rue du Pas de la Mule. (street on the footsteps of the donkey). If you did not pay attention in phonetics class, you might say, "la Moule" instead. It would be difficult to walk in the footsteps of the mussel! My street leads into le Boulevard Beaumarchais, named for the French playwright and man of many talents who wrote The Marriage of Figaro and The Barber of Seville. I had to stop to take a photo of the Sonoran Surf guitar for Monsieur L-B who plays in a Surf Rock band.

What a beauty!
It's funny but when people ask me what I did today, sometimes I have a hard time to explain because I'm a lot like Tristram Shandy. One thought just leads to another and another……. But that's okay, it's Paris.


  1. I was so dismayed by the decided shift to the right that manifested itself in municipal elections all across France on Sunday. . . interesting, though, for you to be thee while that was going on.
    I'm much like you when walking through Paris -- tough on a walking companion, the halts I insist on making! ;-)

  2. It seems to me that this government has not really been given long enough to make a difference in the unemployment situation which currently exists in many of the European nations. It seems to me that moving to the right will only exacerbate the problem.

  3. Exactement! and add other problems. . .


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