La Vie en Rose or In the Pink

a gallery window on Rue des Tournelles
Thursday, I walked in a different direction in the Footsteps of the Donkey (Rue du Pas de la Mule) towards La Rue des Tournelles, a quiet street of galleries, a couple of brasseries and (as I later discovered) some residences of historical importance. The street originated in 1400 and was a popular
address for influential courtiers of the 17th century. The interior ironwork of the Synagogue de Rue des Tournelles was designed by Gustave Eiffel. Now I understand the procession of Sephardic Jewish people past my window. I wonder if I can get a peek inside before I leave.

I continued to wend my way through quiet, narrow streets, occasionally stopping to read a plaque or to photograph a window. It's almost Easter, so pink seemed to be everywhere. A Paris visitor with a sweet tooth could be challenged by the window displays at this time of year.
Des bonbons???
Fortunately, I do not have a sweet tooth!!! My taste runs to le vin et les amuse-bouches salés (savoury).
However!! I have just a week left in Paris and and I live across the street from Gérard Mulot. Two years ago, Janet and I took a gourmet food tour and were introduced to some of Paris's most lovely culinary establishments. Our tour guide, Carine Beauvisage (what a lovely name!) was excellent. We took the Gourmet Tour and tasted so many different Parisian delicacies. Consequently, I am obliged to buy a pâtisserie from my neighbour. Which one will it be?
I chose the Amaryllis because it has some fresh fruit and a pistachio macaron filled with some custard and cake.
I love the pink box and I ate nothing else for dinner and drank only San Pellegrino. What deprivations for the sake of cultural experience!

My apartment is between le Café Hugo and a couturier Alexis Paris. Each time that I leave home, I can watch as the designer (Alexis?) drapes tulle or other lovely fabric over a mannequin (not live). Such beautiful confections in that window too!!!
Almost every day, a different dress
As I will soon be leaving, I now feel a teensy bit of pressure. I am loathe to admit this but I do. I am going to see a play next week A quoi ça sert l'amour?  based on the music of Edith Piaf. I don't often go out alone in the evening but I really wanted a couple of French theatrical experiences.

Bon vendredi saint à tous!  Je vois vraiment la vie en rose!