Le Week-End

Place des Vosges Sunday morning
I love Paris on the week-end when les parisiens take to the streets and parks and restaurants. People lounge on the grass, kick a soccer ball or read on a bench. My backyard aka. la Place des Vosges is perfect for enjoying le beau temps, for people watching or listening to music.

From the bottles on the ground, I know that the runners have past.
I wander down to Rue St. Antoine and I discover that it is the Paris Marathon. Maybe one day Materfamilias will run in this one. The sounds of cheers and music lead me to Bastille where the 3hour 15 minute group are passing. There are flags from all over the world and people cheering as I walk for a while beside the course.
The man in brown is cheering for everyone.
I find myself near the Pont Sully but decide not to cross as I am going over to la Rive Gauche on Monday to have lunch with my former professor from the Sorbonne. My camera battery needs charging
so I decide to buy the fresh flowers that I enjoy and to head home for a bit.

I chose inexpensive pink tulips.
My seating area is bright and pretty with my flowers and the book of poetry and art that I bought in a gallery under the arches of La Place des Vosges.
The book is called Ouvrir m'app Porte by artist Deborah Chock.

Batteries recharged, I head out across la place and onto la Rue des Francs Bourgeois which is jammed with Sunday afternoon browsers. The musicians outside the Musée Carnavalet have the most interesting gogo granny!
This band is very good.
I keep different hours in Paris than I do at home. If I wake in the night, I listen to BBC Radio documentaries. They either put me to sleep or I learn something new so it's a good use of my nighttime 
hours. The other night, I heard an interview with The Very Old Grandmother. If you have never read this blog, you might find it interesting. Maman and I had just spoken (we talk regularly on my free phone line) about feeling invisible and unheard.
not invisible dancer.
This lady was evidently part of the group and she was having a great time. The BBC documentary addressed the problem of isolation of the elderly and how technology was actually alleviating the problem with Skype and blogging. I didn't fall asleep during this documentary.

By this time, it is mid-afternoon and I am hungry. Most of the Franc Bourgeois restaurants look very busy so I follow a side street towards St. Antoine where I find Le Bouquet St. Paul (85 rue St Antoine)
and order La Plancha de la Mar.
Oh! C'est délicieux avec du Chablis!
What healthy meal with really fresh vegetables. I couldn't finish my dorado but it was all very tasty.

The week-end in Paris is really a feast for the hungry flâneuse. Perhaps that is hat Hemingway meant when he called the city "A Moveable Feast".


  1. Your weekend sounds wonderful...your lunch looks divine.
    My mother is not on the computer and she is more isolated...she relies on my sister and I a great deal. When our father passed away she got rid of his computer and in hindsight I think she should have kept it.
    Your Maman sounds quite smart and savvy to be Skyping with you while you are in Paris. Let's hope we do the same when we are in our dotage!

    1. It is very difficult for women who have not used the computer a lot when their husbands were alive to master it in widowhood. My husband and I have had to troubleshoot the computer and PVR a lot for my mum. It is really important for us to keep abreast of technology and it is worth the time to listen to the BBC documentary because our dotage will come and it is best to be prepared,

  2. I have read all your posts since my last visit here last month. It was fun looking at Le Marais through your eyes. I’ll take a note of the restaurant where you ate. Last time we also ate around St Antoine in a tiny restaurant held by a mother and daughter- it was very good and cheap. After my father passed away my mother sold the big house and bought a flat in Le Marais, not far from where you are staying, on rue des Archives, so I know this quarter well – isn’t it interesting and so lively. We will be in Paris soon too and I am going to my mum former flat to take photos. I went back home to Paris so many times but usually would forget to take photos – it is hard to remember to take photos when one is en train de flaner dans les rues, avec le regard en l’air ou à regarder tous ce qui se passe dans la rue. Bonne continuation.

  3. I just visited your blog. You take beautiful pictures and have travelled to some of the same spots as I have this year. You're right, I am so busy reading the street signs (history lesson),looking in windows or people watching that I forget to take out my camera.This is the third year that I have rented an apartment in Paris and it feels so much like home.


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