Monday Meandering

I have seen this on four different walls.

 There are days when I meander through the streets of Paris with absolutely no purpose. It is pleasant to notice something colourful or something previously unnoticed or something thought-provoking. As many shops and museums are closed on Monday, the streets are quiet.

The colours call to me as I explore mews and tiny neighbourhood green spaces.
Down a side street was this pink building, lovely with its ivy and lilacs.
In a little park, the gardien yelled at me for opening a gate in order to take a close-up of a peony. There was no lock or sign, just a man who yelled, "non!"
No peony but I did get a photo of an armless lady.
In an apartment courtyard, flowers and a bicycle make wonder about the resident. Monsieur and I have been caring for our geraniums for three years now. They seem the hardiest of plants for the apartment dweller.
Who lives here? Where does she go on her bicycle?
Street names intrigue me! La Rue des Rosiers! The street of rose bushes! It's hard to imagine that this street lined with falafel stands and delicatessens was once a fleury way. La Rue des Rosiers is one of the principal streets of the Jewish quarter. Plaques record the numbers of residents who were killed during the Shoah. In 1982, a Jewish restaurant was bombed and 6 people died.
The street writer was here.
 So many sights, so many lives, so many happy and sad moments within a few blocks.

Et je me comparais aux palimpsestes ; je goûtais la joie du savant, qui, sous les écritures plus récentes, découvre, sur un même papier, un texte très ancien infiniment plus précieux” André Gide

Basically, the streets of Paris are like a sort of Magic Slate. When you lift the cover, there are so many stories that wait to be told.

On a much lighter note: it is a glorious springtime in Paris. In my neighbourhood, both Passover and la Semaine Sainte are being celebrated and I'm off to hear some wonderful music this week.

Quel oeuf!

C'est très mignon.
I wonder who the mystery writer is.


  1. Just discovered your blog and am so enjoying reading -- not just your accounts of Paris (which one would have to be completely dreary not to love), but also many of your old posts on other topics. Thank you for expressing your thoughts so beautifully. Mary


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