My Paris Face/Using Youtube Videos

With greying hair, I am wearing some different colours.
In my neighbourhood, on La Rue des Francs Bourgeois, there are many shops that sell makeup and skincare products:Bobbi Brown, Claudalie, MAC, Kiehl's, Guerlain and so many that I have not heard of! Ever since I was a young teen, I have been interested in makeup and skincare. Even "bookish" girls can enjoy reading magazines. In the 1980's, when my hair was very dark and my skin medium/fair, I had my colours "done" and was told that I was a "winter". That worked for me in the eighties with fuchsia, cobalt and black being important elements in my wardrobe.
I have more grey at 62 than my grandma did at 82.
As my hair started to turn grey, I chose reddish tresses as my own dark hair would have been much too harsh for my 40-something face. I had my colours "done" by a personal stylist a few years ago and was told that I was an "autumn". I have a personal palette of colour swatches and I have favoured browns and oranges for the last few years. I never wear black next to my face without a scarf to add a little softness.
I was modelling jewellery. This was my last hair colour at the beginning of November.
As I have now been 6 months without hair colour, I am wondering about my wardrobe and my colours.   At this stage, my weight is fluctuating (losing a little but I will do WW when I go home) so I don't want  to buy anything new. I have too many clothes so I will definitely be recycling some of my items. I have been tempted to visit my Paris neighbours for a "relooking" but it really is not within my budget.

So, I turned to Youtube to get some ideas. I would use my own products, (Chanel blusher, Clarin's
tinted moisturizer, Bourjois Paris liner and mascara, Almay shadow, and Chanel lipstick.) I followed a couple of Bobbi's videos. I was able to do my face in about 5 minutes which is good because I am impatient.
Photobooth smoky eyes
My question is now what colours am I "supposed " to wear? I have chosen to travel with grey, black and blue for this trip but as Janet noticed (from a reflection in a photo) I couldn't resist a red moto style jacket. It is a cooler red than I am used to and I added a teal scarf over my grey sweater. 

I had fun with the Bobbi Brown videos and they prevented me from going out and making any unneeded purchases. There are many resources on the Internet that have been created for une femme d'un certain âge and the best part is that they are free!


  1. You look lovely! I think the lighter/grey hair is really becoming on you.

    1. It's strange but lighter hair seems to suit us as we get get more mature.
      When you went blond, it seemed to add a radiance to your appearance. Anyway, if it works and I don't have to get roots done very four weeks, I get to have a bit more money for travel.

  2. Your skin is dewy and radiant. Healthy and youthful.
    I think going grey is a good choice for you as it if very flattering. Your smokey eyes are fun too.
    I have never had my colours done as I think I would not adhere to the rules!

    1. It is fun to try out new looks and I managed this one with no expense. I am starting to think that many of us know what colours we feel comfortable in and so I will probably experiment for a while.
      Are you able to come out from under the duvet yet?

  3. I think as our hair "lightens" with the added gray it becomes more important to keep the skin luminous and to use clothing colors that help the yes to pop. I wear a lot of navy instead of black, rich blues and light blues to bring out my eyes. Even a hint of pink in a scarf or shirt collar to help rosy up my skin. I have found I need to steer clear of grays though. They seem to bring out the tired look more than anything else!


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