Packing up

It doesn't seem like a month since Janet and I arrived in Paris sans mon valise! The apartment feels like home, I have a friendly grocer and a favourite table at Café Hugo. But time does have a way of marching on and I am packing up for my next adventure. This morning, I read You May be Wandering
and really enjoyed the Louis Vuitton ad campaign video.

Fortunately, I am not travelling with as many bags as these two young ladies but luggage is a challenge for a 62 year old solo traveller. Twenty years ago, I travelled across Spain with a friend on buses and trains. We had no reservations, no wheels on our suitcases and no itinerary. We always found comfortable, inexpensive lodging and had lots of adventures. Unfortunately, times do change and my travel does require more planning and lighter bags.

One of my travel challenges is that I have a tendency to fall which is made worse by fatigue or anxiety.
This is not a new problem for me but as I age, the consequences become more painful. I require a free hand to hold a railing and to manage train stations. Stepping down onto a station platform fills me with dread. As my travel for the next few weeks involves small planes, trains and buses, I  decided to purchase the lightest luggage that I could find in Paris.

Sue at Une Femme d'un Certain Age wrote about the Lipault weekender a few weeks back so I decided to look at Lipault Plume at Bazaar Hôtel de Ville.  The Plume is indeed featherweight because it is constructed almost  solely of heavy-duty nylon. BHV had a -20% off and an additional 12% non-EU discount so I decided on the 72cm Plume and the week-end bag. I expect to save the money back on overweight charges on my Shetland flights. I am flying Flybe and will be checked in at different stop-overs by Air France, Flybe and LoganAir. I have found that smaller European carriers enforce baggage limits inconsistently. My Lipault weekender will be my one personal item on board.
The Plume is featherweight.
Since I arrived in Europe on March 8, the weather has been fantastic. Not a day of rain! A sprinkle lasts
about the duration of a glass of wine. (Sip it!) The temperatures have been between 15C and 22C. I have seldom needed a coat, hat, gloves or and umbrella. This could change as I head up to Lerwick which is very close to Norway.

It  is only 18 months since I entered the blogging world. When I was studying in Paris, blogs seemed like letters from friends from all over the globe. As I began to participate and to exchange comments with other women, I have learned so much, especially about travel and wardrobe planning. I'm hoping that there is wifi in Shetland so that I can share my experiences in this little visited area.

Time is indeed marching on and I have a few organizational tasks to complete today: recording confirmation numbers as I have no printer or Smartphone, reconfirming airport transportation…..
It was so much simpler in 1994!


  1. I love your blue Lipault bags. I've just finished packing mine and am still amazed at how lightweight it is and easy even to lift over my head! Hope yours work well for you, and how nice to have found at a discount. Have a wonderful time on the next leg of your travels!

  2. I am just about fully packed and the suitcase is still quite light. I got the 19" weekender and my MacBook will fit perfectly. With your 12+ items, your case should be really feather-light. Bon Voyage!

  3. Bon voyage!
    Your new valise looks great and I hope it works well for your future travel.
    Hang on to those railings!
    Call me greedy but I hope they have WiFi too....I am so enjoying your posts.

  4. The luggage looks lovely. Fresh color. Classic shape. Love that they are lightweight!


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