Rive Gauche or Rive Droite?

La Place des Vosges
After spending four and a half weeks in the Marais, I am weighing the pros and cons of this location. I have enjoyed the activity of the area:sounds of Parisiens enjoying the evening, of musicians playing under the archways and even of early morning deliveries. In years past, my bedrooms on the Rive Gauche have opened onto courtyards and I enjoyed the cooing of pigeons. If I wake, I quickly fall back to sleep so for me night sounds aren't a problem.
One could easily miss the synagogue.
It has been Passover while I have been here and I have seen so many Jewish men walking by. I looked for the synagogue but is is tucked away with only a simple sign. One day, the door was open and I could see in and as I passed one evening I could hear singing. The Rue des Rosiers is a great place to sample falafel.

When I was staying in the Latin Quarter, I enjoyed browsing in bookstores. As a student, I was amazed at the floors of Gibert Joseph where one can find any French title imaginable. Around La Place des Vosges, there are many small galleries with paintings, sculpture and mixed medium works of all sorts.
It is pleasant to stroll under the arches and to look in the windows.
I liked this acrylic of les bouquinistes.
Wherever you stay in Paris, there is the neighbourhood restaurant. This year, my local is Café Hugo.
Place des Vosges is the neighbourhood of V.H. but he actually lived in Notre-Dame des Champs on the other side of Seine as well. 

Victor Hugo was one of the greats of the 19th century.
I have sampled different neighbourhoods on my visits but I really believe that each quartier has its own  charm and that I could be happy anywhere in Paris in the springtime.