Coming Home

It's always difficult to come home after a few months of European life. It seems to me that small town or city, life in Europe suits me well.
I love the flowers and scents in Europe.

I enjoy wandering and watching people in Europe.
I want to grow old like the dancing French lady.
I love the history and connections with the past. Tales of the past fascinate me and European streets are
peopled by the ghosts of former inhabitants.

The first Punch and Judy show was performed in Covent Garden.
Whether I eat in a restaurant or shop in a market, I enjoy a healthy and varied diet in Europe.

Seafood is offered in every restaurant and is presented in such a beautiful manner.
You can also make a lovely salad  from le marché.
When I am away from home, I feel unencumbered and take every opportunity to enjoy my surroundings. Obviously there are shops, restaurants and some history (not nearly so old) in my own neighbourhood. We have a market every other Sunday and I could buy fish fresh off the boats. Today, I will try to be more aware of my surroundings as I meet a friend for a catch-up visit.

I am keeping Paris alive by watching French movies on Netflix. Yesterday, I watched My Afternoons with Margueritte. The movie deals with the power of books and of kindness to change lives. If you have ever been an educator, worked with adult learners or been a librarian, this is YOUR movie!!!
I would recommend it for the clarity of the French and there are always the captions.

Watch this excerpt from an interview with Gisèle Casadeus. Wouldn't you like to be like this at nearly
100 years of age?


  1. We watched this movie a few years ago and were absolutely delighted with it! I think it's time for a re-watch.
    It's tough, isn't it, coming home to confront all the absences of what we love in Europe. But if we're wise, as you are being, we can find elements of that lifestyle here Or make them. . .And there are always books, thank goodness.

    1. Books and films have great power to transport us but it would be a waste of a life to always be wishing to be elsewhere. It seems that we are often too preoccupied with daily living to notice the elements when they are in our own backyard.

  2. "Keeping Paris alive..." I try to do that after each visit. What I most want, I think, is to keep MYSELF alive in the same way: conscious of beauty, appreciative of detail, unconcerned with time.
    I saw and enjoyed "My Afternoons with Margueritte" a year or so ago. (Yes, a lifelong reader and former librarian, as well!)

    1. I agree that it is about keeping one's self aware of the small details that make Paris so special. We do not take the time to linger over a shop window or flower in a garden when we are at home. I am discovering so many lovely French films to enjoy.

  3. I have not heard of the movie, but have added to my list of things to watch. European life seems to move at a slower pace, with more attention to detail. I try to bring that attention to life here as well. It's the small things in life that make big differences to attitude and motivation.

    It's been too long since I've visited Paris. But I love visiting blogs of people who report on Parisian culture and life. The plate of seafood is gorgeous to look at and I'm sure it was equally delicious on the tongue.

  4. It is indeed that attention to detail that makes life lovely wherever you are. Paris is indeed a moveable feast that can be shared. I love reading Janice MacLeod, a true Canadian-Parisian love story blog and Paris Breakfast by Carole Gilliat. Even on a rainy west coast morning, Carole brings a little Paris to my cup of coffee.

  5. The produce in the Parisian markets looks beautiful.


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