Cornwall Coastal Path

the Cornwall coastal path
Today, I walked for about 4 hours along the South Coast Trail near St. Ives. The Coastal Trail is 630 miles long and stretches from Somerset to Dorset. If I have not been lucky with luggage, I certainly have been extremely lucky with weather. The skies and water were blue, the air was warm and the dunes and waysides were abloom with all sorts of flowers.

The Coastal Trail is scenic, well-marked and accessible to most walkers. I chose the Discovery group (walking about 5 miles with a smaller elevation change). I was able to stop to take photos and chat with
fellow group members without stress.  On the final descent I could feel a bit of discomfort in my knee.
To the Lighthouse
Cornwall is a lovely area of flowers, seas and beaches. It is small wonder that Virginia Woolf and Daphne du Maurier frequented St. Ives.
Rebecca and Jamaica Inn took place in Cornwall
After the walk was over, I spent some time with some other group members exploring the streets of the town.
a beautiful seaside spot
If you are looking for a walking tour, I would recommend hfholidays. The house where I am staying, Chyn Morvah, is lovely, the walk leader is an active 60+ woman who relates well to her group and there are healthy meals included in the price. This week is starting off to be another incredible adventure!

Churches are reverting to their natural state.


  1. Sounds and looks wonderful. I'd love to visit Cornwall. I always admire the scenery on the British TV show Doc Martin. And a walking tour sounds lovely!

    1. I really enjoy Doc Martin too. The walking company that I am touring with has 19 houses around Britain and is very well organized. Today we visited a stone circle and some beautiful woodland areas on the South Coast Trail.

  2. I have been to England (and Cornwall) once, the light of Cornwall reminded me of home.

    Another Doc Martin fan here.


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