Haytor Vale

rambling down country lanes
I decided this morning to explore the nearby villages rather than doing the guided walking. The bus left at 9:00am. and is not returning until 6:00pm. The local villages are close together and each one is a bit different from its neighbour. There is birdsong in the thickets and flowers at the sides of the narrow country road as I wind my way down to Haytor Vale.
When I came the daffodils were in bloom, now there are poppies.
I pass large country homes and smaller cottages but this seems an area of second homes. I liked Owl Combe, a little attached dwelling near The Rock Inn.
So pretty!
Across the street from the Inn and Owl Combe was a beautiful English country garden which seemed to be part of The Inn.
So many colours!
As I continued along, I passed the Women's Institute building. If you watched the excellent BBC series,
Jam and Jerusalem which was filmed here in Devon, you will appreciate the role that the WI plays in village life.
the Haytor Vale Women's Institute
Rural life must be interesting in this area with local people and posh second home people. I wonder how many Devon people were born and raised here. I stopped in at The Rock Inn and felt quite out of place among older ladies with pearls and gentlemen with sport coats, Obviously, this country inn is a destination dining spot. Nevertheless, I enjoyed a salad of pea shoots, asparagus and goat cheese with a glass of chablis.

I am still fascinated by sheep.
Raindrops started falling on my head so I started back to Moorlands. I'm glad that I am just a short walk from home and that I have had my chance to ramble through the countryside.

Just walking along the street is such a lovely adventure.


  1. The countryside is so lovely!
    Those quaint cottages and the WI annex are steeped in charm...how wonderful that you made the time to wander about and share them with us.

  2. I really like the way you're finding a "social introvert's" much-needed quiet time in this holiday. I'd want to do exactly the same thing, and it's pretty obvious that when your walking group returns with their stories about what they saw, you'll be able to match them with your own charming finds.

  3. Have you read the Miss Read books? The countryside looks like a lot of what she describes in the Cotswolds. I love English sheep, they are so much cleaner than Australian sheep.


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