Je fais l'école buissonnière or Playing Hooky

a view of St. Ives harbour from over the rooftops
Today, I listened to my voice that told me that I wanted to be alone. I have been with people since I left Paris almost 2 weeks ago. Paris and retirement are synonymous with personal space. My inspiration songs are both written by Canadian women: I Was a Free Man (???) in Paris by Joni Mitchell and Flying on Your Own by Rita McNeill.

Consequently, I decided to explore St. Ives by myself, wash out some clothes and read my book in the garden. I feel a bit guilty as my travelling companions are inveterate trekkers and I am a flâneuse. Self-acceptance is a goal that I have not yet attained completely. But…..
This window box made me feel cheerful.
I love to wander and imagine what it might be like to live in a place. Whose window is this? There is an apartment for sale in this building. St. Ives has a history of shipwrecks and pirates, religious dissenters and Loyalists.
Who wouldn't want to live in Fern Cottage?
I visited the church of Saint Ia, an Irish princess who floated to Cornwall on a leaf. What a magical story! A couple of days ago we heard about maidens who followed a piper out of the village and were turned to stone. This is indeed a land of enchantment.
Could I live in Fern Cottage and be a bookseller?

I must admit that I couldn't resist Cornwall Books. I picked up a bag at the Heart Fund store and I'm going to donate some of my clothes that I washed. I have too many at home and I probably can't read all of my books before I leave.
I love to read about the places that I am visiting.
Although I was carrying my packed lunch, I decided to go into a quaint restaurant overlooking the harbour.
The Hobbler Restaurant
My decision to eat inside was a wise one as a big black cloud passed overhead and  soaked the passersby. I was happily eating my salad of Newquay crab.
Yummy! Yummy!

The trekkers are not back yet. I can have quiet time for a little longer!!!! I'm not really anti-social but I do enjoy my own company.

the view from my window right now
In the church, I bought a bookmark (as usual) with the lines of a poem by J.G. Whittier:

 Drop thy still dews of quietness,
till all our strivings cease,
Take from our souls
the strain and stress,
and let our ordered
lives confess the
beauty of thy peace.

Somehow those words resonated with me today.


  1. Good for you! I would have played hooky the same way, probably felt a bit guilty just as you did, but been all the happier and healthier for time to myself. I really want to get to St Ives at some point -- an artist friend who lives in London seems to get there every year or two, and loves it for the art history -- I believe there's a Barbara Hepworth Museum and Garden there. On my list . . . . someday . . .

    1. Unfortunately the Tate St. Ives is closed this week but we are going to the Barbara Hepworth Sculpture Park today. It is an official non-walking day. You would enjoy St. Ives. It is a lovely seaside spot. There is lots of rental accommodation, you could sketch or paint and run if you like hills. So many places to visit…..

  2. The view from your window is breathtaking.


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