Walking Tour

The Cornwall Coast is rugged.
This is the second organized walking tour that I have taken in my life and I have found this company to be very well-organized. hfholidays is Britain's largest  and oldest walking and activity provider. A cooperative, founded in 1913, the organization owns 19 houses around Britain.

Most of this week's companions are devoted members of the organization who participate in several activities in the year. Friendships have been made during the walks and I have even met a couple who met each other through group walking! hfholidays has more than 34,000 members and walking leaders are trained volunteers of all ages. They are chosen to suit the group that they will be leading.
coastal flowers

It is very important to find a comfortable group and level for each area. I had originally planned to join
the "easy" group. In Cornwall, this involves walking 10 miles each day along a rugged coastline. Most tours leave at 9:30 a.m. and return at 5:00 p.m. There is some time spent on the coach and eating the packed lunch but this is would be a challenging walk for me.
Even the snails are interesting.

hfholidays has a "discovery walking tour" where the group walks about 5 miles and stops to smell the flowers and to visit sites of interest. Our leader is an experienced outdoors woman who recognizes the diverse needs of her group. At 62, I am the youngest and least experienced! Our eldest group member is 90 and she is choosing to wait for us with the coach and to see the sights along with her friends who are walking.
St Michael's Mount
The accommodation that I am sharing with my cousin is "premium" with a view of the sea and the gardens. I am enjoying the healthy choices of food. The seafood and vegetarian options are tasty and well-presented. There are evening activities but as a "sociable introvert", I usually head for my cave after dinner. I really need time to read and to think about the day's activities.

If I lived in Europe, I certainly would join hfholidays and take advantage of more of their offerings which include literary and cultural tours, country house weekends, yoga and pilates weekends and such a wide array of activities that I would be unable to list them all.
A Cornwall cove

The sun shining through the opening in the drapes is telling me that it is time to dress and get ready for another day of adventure.


  1. I love these Cornwall posts -- a part of England I've never got to but would like to eventually. And the coastal walks -- magic! What a mix of adventures you've put together for yourself, inspirational, really!

  2. What a wonderful idea such walking tours are, I'm not aware of arrangements such as those here but they may exist.


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