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early morning francophile sans maquillage

I wake to a grey Wednesday morning in a Canadian suburb. In my heart, I wish that I could be in France. I have been home for just one month and nothing here seems right. It is 4:49 a.m. for one thing and this has been my regular waking time since returning home. I could find an eye mask to block out the light that streams through my French door.

Monsieur, who is sleeping, mutters something so I move to the den  as not to disturb him. Maybe I'll consult blogworld to find ways to inject some  Paris into my life. Right now, I am enjoying How to Be Chic where today Fiona in New Zealand writes about changing the domestic environment for a pick me up. I like to create vignettes around the apartment.
Peonies, books and Moorcroft are decorating le salon.

French women eat healthfully and sparingly so I will have some yogurt and bananas in a Quimper bowl on a Provençal tablecloth.
I have been collecting Quimper ware since 1987.
Today I am giving a private conversation class at the Senior Centre. I visited an international news-shop and purchased Lire, a magazine of excerpts from modern French literature. I have chosen and photocopied for today's discussion. Reverend Maggie at my church spoke Sunday of the difference between employment and vocation. If I became a substitute teacher, that would be a job. I enjoy preparing for the conversation class which is a vocation.

There is a lot of reading in this magazine which is suitable for Upper Intermediate and Advanced readers.

Fiona wrote about scent yesterday and I have been using a scent purchased last year in Paris.

a slight waft of Paris

French women pay attention to grooming and acquiring and maintaining a simple, flattering wardrobe.

My nails have just been done and I love the clean look of a French manicure.

Janice Riggs at The Vivienne Files is beginning a series on wardrobe planning from scratch. I have identified chocolate brown and tan as my neutrals and now I have to find the perfect pair of trousers.
I have "pants" in these colours but they are not "perfect". I wonder if a 5'3"woman who wears size 14 
can find such a thing. If I cut back on my favourite French custom "du vin avec les repas", I could easily be a size 10-12!!!

Mon dieu! Monsieur has appeared to présent me with un café.  I guess that it is time for my yogurt and banana. Bonne journée!


  1. There is a lot to think about after reading your post...I am not sure if I am correct but I think you left your heart in Paris. Like the song I left my heart in San Francisco....adopting French habits and bringing in a bit of Paris to your home sounds like the next best tonic.
    I don't think you need to give up a glass of wine as if is only 4 points in WW just factor that into your weekly extra points and remember about those zero point foods.
    I bought a pair of Nygaard black pants this Spring in a petite size and they are fabulous and just under $ might try on a pair and see if they work for you....not sure if they came in tan or brown though.
    Love to see your lovely Moorcroft have some wonderful pieces.

  2. I will check out the Nygaard pants as I have found that they fit quite well in the past. You are right, wine is only 4 points and its strawberry spinach salad for lunch. One of my study group members lost 35 pounds recently at WW and it certainly makes a difference! Tomorrow is blood pressure medication renewal day and my goal is to get off it completely as you did. I am lucky to have quite a few pieces of china that are really beautiful.

  3. I love Fiona's blog, too! That's how I found your blog. :)

    1. Fiona has so many great ideas in her blog. She is one of my early morning reads. I also like Carole at Paris Breakfasts.

  4. What a lovely post Madame! It's morning here in Australia as I read this so it fits in nicely. I do like the concept of adopting French habits, I really must do more of it instead of thinking about it. You have a lovely complexion -- that top photo first thing in the morning proves it.

    Like Tracy I found you via Fiona's blog.

    1. I love French ways and we can all inject some of them into our lives. I love Fiona's blog.


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