Making Space at Home

When I spend time away from home, my life is always a lot simpler and decidedly more elegant. At home, I often feel the burden of my possessions, my relationships and my whole big bag of "stuff".
Today, I started to lighten my load as I undertook a partial wardrobe inventory, laundry and pressing project. Just how many pieces do I need to look and feel my best every time that I leave the apartment?
Right now, I'm not at the magic 33 number but I can reduce substantially from 333. For each season, can I construct  several great outfits that I can adjust to suit different occasions?

I have far too much orange and brown clothing

I started the morning with sorting the clothing in my laundry hamper. In my home, I use a communal laundry room while in my Paris apartments, I always have a ventless washer/dryer combination. This suits me well because I like to do smaller, more frequent loads and there are more settings than on the heavy duty commercial machines. I am looking into purchasing the LG model for the apartment. Smaller, more frequent laundry loads mean that I can wear the same clothing more often.
the simple, elegant way to do laundry in Paris

As I laundered summer bedding and towels, I wondered "how many sets of linens do two people need?" Our linen closet right now contains, a duvet, two quilts, a vintage chenille bedspread and toss cushions to coordinate with each different look. The apartments that I rent in Paris usually only include a duvet in a cover that also functions as a top sheet. Monsieur hates cushions but I now have a major investment in them.
my Paris bed
As I launder our clothing, I find that some of the items have been languishing in the hamper since before I left for Europe. I do pay special attention to laundering my clothes so I don't mix colours or fabrics without a lot of consideration. If I have not missed these items, do I really need them?

As two older adults living in a shared space, Monsieur and I are frequently  bicker about our personal belongings. Just this morning, after spending two days looking for my camera charger, I discovered that Monsieur had not understood what I was talking about and had put it in a drawer.
No charger, no camera, no blog! When I am living alone in my 30 square metres in Paris, such things never happen.

I am a sociable introvert which means when I undertake a stressful task, I want no one around. I want no suggestions and I want no conversation. I might listen to music of MY choice  but focus is really important to me. Monsieur tends to take this personally but that is just who I am. It's not elegant but at 62 years of age, I am not likely to change. Sometimes I'm the "B word".

All this is part of my "big bag of stuff. It's probably harder to "get rid of" than my surplus clothing.
I could proffer all kinds of explanations but to no avail. Only through my own awareness can I bite my tongue when the sharp words come.

I've done all that I can or want to do today. Tasks of this nature take more emotional than physical effort on my part. I just love the French verb "se débarasser de quelque chose" which means "to get rid of something".   Right now, I feel a little bit lighter for my effort. Bonne journée.

It's far too sunny outside to stay inside.


  1. Hello Madame, it's nice to meet you. One of your comments on Fiona's blog "How to be chic" prompted me to click on your profile, I came to your blog where I've been reading your archives. I love your views on getting older, books, Paris et al. I'll be back!

  2. Welcome. I really enjoy "How to be chic". Fiona has some elegant advice and I think that one day, she will get a chance to live a Paris life too.

  3. Bonjour! I too have to bite my tongue and not say something sharp to my husband. I remind myself I don't want to be one of those shrewish wives. Sadly I remember that too late sometimes, but I'm getting better.


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