Working with Colour

One of the blogs that I read every day is The Vivienne Files where Janice Riggs puts together some of the most beautiful outfits that I have ever seen! I have to admit that I have been fascinated by wardrobe planning since high-school when I designed a rotation of clothing so that no one in my classes would see me in the same outfit twice in fourteen days. I didn't have that many clothes but the key was in combination and recombination. In the 1960's, before computers, I had to spend time every Sunday assuring that all of my pieces were clean, pressed and in good shape. Okay, I might be a little obsessive-compulsive but I also spent time organizing my classroom notes and doing my readings for the next week. Like the Boy Scouts, I always like to be prepared.

A few days ago, I was inspired by a wardrobe that Janice curated that was based on a painting, Lucy Hessel at the Seashore. As I am "mining" my wardrobe to create a new, softer look more in keeping with my grey hair, the painting and Janice's examples gave me some ideas.

During my last few trips to Paris, I have purchased some softer coloured linen clothing. These items tend to be looser in fit and more muted in colour than my regular clothing. I decided to start with my soft green "balloon dress" bought on rue St-Placide last year when I was living in the 6th arrondissement on rue Cherche-Midi.
soft green linen dress

Rue St-Placide is a wonderful street for medium priced shopping and there are a few shops that carry stock suited to the older "ronde" woman. My "balloon" dress is a small/medium so that it fits perfectly through the shoulders. It is especially important that a looser fitting dress does not overwhelm my 5'3"

I have many scarves of different colours, shapes and sizes. After studying the painting in Janice's blog, I chose one that had languished in my drawers for about ten years.
I loved this scarf but have not worn it for a very long time
Next, I visited the jewellery box to find my Cécile Jeanne earrings bought last year on rue Cherche-Midi.
These earrings pick up the rosy colour of the scarf.

I have comfortable Thierry Rabotin shoes and a handbag to finish off my outfit.
My outfit is ready for a day of lunch and shopping.
Each day, I look forward to a new Vivienne post. The combinations are truly art and as I continue to organize and "weed" my wardrobe, I will be looking for new possibilities. This outfit is going to be my summer shopping and lunch in the city uniform for this year. How do you plan your outfits? Do you have a few pieces that you use over and over?


  1. I read Janice's blog as well and find lots of inspiration in her posts.
    I would love to see you wearing this outfit! The dress looks cool and fun for summer outings and the scarf looks really edgy and a bit bohemian which I think would be quite a nice addition to the dress.
    We are having lovely weather this week. Enjoy your wardrobe is so much easier getting dressed when one can see all the possibilities at a glance.

    1. It does feel much easier as I remove items from the closet. I can try on, refresh and create the few outfits for my activities. Tonight is Music at the Market where M. L-B is playing. I think that it will be a fine evening. Bon week-end!

  2. Ah, reading your post today reminds me why I became a blogger! Your outfit is so beautiful, and shopping your closet the way you did is exactly what I hope that more women will do.
    big hugs,

  3. It seems like art when you create the wardrobes but I think that I am getting the hang of it. Having fewer pieces will make the planning easier. Thank you for your excellent lessons.

  4. This outfit is gorgeous and I love the way you've gone about putting it together, with the wonderful Janice's inspiration of course. I also adore your description of how you were at school, so organised!


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