Back Again!

I have taken a little break from blogging to work on a few of the issues in my daily life and I am back with renewed enthusiasm. Like Materfamilias, I sometimes question why I write, who I am writing for and how often I have something to share. When I am planning a trip or travelling, writing is part of my daily routine but when I am chez moi, the days take on a sameness broken up with a success or a sorrow that passes like a summer breeze.

While I take hiatus from writing, I still read my favourite blogs daily. In the last few weeks, I have been putting my "blog education" to work. I am still such a "schoolmarm" that I view life as opportunities for learning and for self-improvement.

Since last I wrote, I have started to walk/run 3 times a week (inspired by Mater) and I have lost 8 pounds at Weight Watchers (inspired by The Hostess). I have always (since I had my first berry-picking job and could choose my own clothes) been fascinated by wardrobe planning and fashion. Choosing just the right outfit, for me, is an act of creation. I am presenting the ME that I want to be to the world.
For this reason, I am a devotee of The Vivienne Files, an amazing blog written and curated by Janice Riggs.
Starting from Scratch
I have purchased both Janice's planning worksheet and her colour combinations and I have found myself seeing so many more possibilities in my newly culled drawers and closets. When first I began the Starting from Scratch process, I thought that I would be limited to 2 neutrals and 2 accent colours and that I would require an entire new wardrobe. NOT AT ALL TRUE!
I already had received this scarf a few years ago.
Janice Riggs often starts with a scarf and works to develop an outfit so I thought that I would try the same strategy. Imitation is a great form of flattery. My neutral colours are navy and grey but I have a lot of taupe and brown in my wardrobe. I find that the light often plays tricks with taupe and grey.
I can wear my Paris leather jacket.

This spring, when I was in Paris, I bought a red leather jacket at Couleurs Paris on Rue de Rivoli. Couleurs is a boutiques for "les rondes" (curvy ladies) and I found that many of the pieces of clothing suited more petite curvy ladies. "Les grandes tailles" that I found in some other shops were much too large for me. I can link my jacket with the bits of red detail on the scarf and as my red is cool, it goes very nicely with the blues of the scarf. I just finished reading The Paris Architect  by Charles Belfoure and put the book in the picture for fun. If you enjoyed Tatiana de Rosnay's Paris books, you will enjoy this quick read.

I really like this skirt  by a Vancouver company, Monarchy Clothing, which produces small amounts of clothing that is locally designed and manufactured. Their clothing ranges from size 2 to size 3x and is well-constructed and has interesting details. My skirt is a little loose so I will need to have it taken in a bit. I already owned the shoes and sweater which are looking a wee bit brownish but are really a grey/taupe. I'm not quite sure about the sweater but at slightly less than 5'4", I probably would look less "chopped up" with two solid coloured pieces under my jacket.

As for further accessories, I'm not sure. I don't have a grey or navy bag but perhaps taupe would be multipurpose. I'd probably wear a pair of pewter earrings and I have a favourite cuff/ bracelet that I bought in Monterey at Cannery Row. The colours of the scarf are definitely reflected in my bracelet and in the aqua of my nails right now!
one of my favourite pieces
It's a coincidence!
My mother, who definitely does not consider wardrobe planning an art form, would consider this post somewhat frivolous. Yes, I do think about world peace and the killing of hostages  and our current provincial education crisis and…..but no matter what, I still love Paris, scarves and wardrobe planning.
Bon week-end!


  1. And in the end, in spite of all the horror and tragedy this old world is experiencing, we all have to get up in the morning and put clothes on, so they might as well be things we love. I find it hard to align my peaceful everyday life with the suffering elsewhere. I can only pray and give and let my voice be heard.

    That's a beautiful scarf. Janice's blog is an inspiration.

    1. All we can do, I believe, is to try to be kind and generous in our daily lives.

  2. I can only handle so much gloom and doom in the world...and then I need to do something to lighten up.
    Thinking about some new combinations of clothes and wearing something cheery like your red jacket with a beautiful scarf is a tonic of sorts...
    Great news on your WW results! Hope you feel proud of yourself.

    1. All of our simple daily pleasures make our little bit of the world a happier place. If I feel happy and peaceful, I have something to share with others. I am enjoying WW and I'm not feeling at all deprived.

  3. I agree with Lorrie and Hostess. Was it Linda Grant whose blog used to say "Because you can't have depths without surfaces"?
    I love the way you've built this outfit around the scarf, and I really like your red leather jacket! You must be feeling really good about seeing the weight come off and getting more toned and perhaps more energetic as well, Good for you - the discipline pays off!

    1. I like that quote. Some days the shiny bright surface is what we need to master the grey.I do feel as though I am a bit more energetic. September is always new beginning time and there is a certain anticipation.

  4. How cool. Unlike your mom, I consider wardrobe planning to be very worthwhile (understanding, of course, that few of us can directly affect what is going on in Gaza or even Ferguson). You got fabulous results here. Inspiring!

    Congrats on the weight loss . . . off now to dig out a scarf to start with . . . ;-)

    1. There are certain things that are in our circle of influence and others that are not. While I can volunteer at our Community Dinner, I can do little directly to affect world situations. Try the scarf challenge. I have uncovered endless possibilities using the clothes and accessories that I already own.


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