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I always like to wear a hat when I read in the sunshine
I have been reading quite a lot lately since we started a neighbourhood book club. It is interesting to choose a book that can be read by a variety of people of different age, gender and educational background. Our local library provides an extensive selection of book club titles (ten copies in a tote bin) free to borrow for six weeks.

We have just finished The Best Laid Plans,  a humorous look at the Canadian political system. The author, Terry Fallis, will be presenting at the Vancouver Writers' Festival in October 2014. The novel has been produced as a CBC television series and is going to be produced locally as a musical. I had never heard of the novel until I was perusing the list of book sets at the library. A book club is a great opportunity to read books with which we may not be familiar.

Another Canadian author that I am enjoying right now is the mystery writer, Louise Penny. I had read some of her more recent mysteries but right now I am reading A Fatal Grace which was written in 2006
and was the first of three consecutive Agatha awards won by this author. I will be going to hear Louise Penny speak in September.

A few months ago, I read The Hundred Foot Journey by Rick Morais. I really enjoyed this light read and was delighted to hear that a movie was being made. There are so very few films that I can enjoy as I really dislike swearing, violence and special effects. Although the movie received negative reviews, the theatre was packed with the  55+ group. There are many of us who do not enjoy loud noise and violence.  This was a "feel good" movie with romance, food and a picturesque French village. What's not to like?

on the way to Santiago

Speaking of films and journeys….Yesterday, I went to see Walking the Camino:Six Ways to Santiago. I had seen the movie The Way  in 2012 before I had actually experienced the Camino but this documentary by Lydia Gray seemed to capture the feeling that my friend and I experienced as we walked.

the pilgrims
I just got dressed for the annual church picnic and yippee!!! My Bermuda shorts are 2 sizes too big. I haven't worn them since last year. WW is working! I'm wearing my new sunhat as this has been a very bright, sunny summer and my belief is that a hat is your best skin care product!

Happy Sunday!


  1. What a wonderful list of book titles, thank you Madame, I am actually going to see The Hundred Foot Journey with a friend next Sunday.

    That's a great photo at the top of the post.

  2. Thank you. I am sure that you and your friend will enjoy the movie. It was such a "feel good" film.

  3. I read The Hundred Foot Journey last summer, and I think I even posted about it. I'm hoping to see the movie, although I may end up waiting until I can find it online, given how busy life has been lately. And congrats! Wow! 2 sizes is a good loss!

  4. You might enjoy watching the movie on a snuggly fall evening. You did post about the book and I couldn't find the post to link to. I wonder if it was on Materfamilias Reads. It's not a great movie but it certainly reminded me of French villages that I have visited and I really enjoy Indian food.I was surprised about the shorts as the scale says 8 pounds but sometimes it seems that we lose it all off one place. Do your classes start next week?

  5. Your hat is charming as well as protective. I'm looking forward to seeing The Hundred Foot Journey, although I may wait as these end of summer days are full. Congratulations on this milestone on your weight loss journey.

  6. Having been away I am just catching up on my blog reading and I must say that picture of you in the blue hat is should be in a frame!
    Congratulations on your WW success!

  7. Madame, that is a beautiful photo of you. Your complexion is enviable. Thank you for the book details. I am off to see if our library has any Louise Penny books now. Merci!

  8. Thank you. If you enjoy mysteries, you might also enjoy the Shetland novels by Ann Cleeves. BBC has made a television series based on them. I visited the islands in April and am looking forward to watching the series. Did you know that many Shetlanders emigrated to New Zealand?


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