Holiday Plans

Before I retired, I made a 5-year plan for the years between ages 60 and 65. I was at home with my daughter and was a student during my twenties and worked part-time as a Library Assistant for the first half of my thirties. Consequently, my pension, although generous by most standards, is not what it might have been.

Travel and the experience of other cultures and languages are my priorities. We quickly learned that Monsieur does not have an aptitude for languages or a particular interest in history or culture. He took up golf a few years ago but has since abandoned the sport. Right now, we plan a warm weather holiday together and I set out on my adventures solo or with a woman friend.

 I have now been retired for three years and I have found that I really miss teaching. Each week, I plan a reading and discussion topic for M., my French conversation student, and I am so gratified that she is feel much more confident speaking French. She volunteers at our International Airport and tries to find opportunities to speak with francophone travellers. In a short time, however, M. will be leaving to volunteer in an orphanage in Bangladesh.

As my funds will be more limited next year, I am planning to revisit The Oaxaca Learning Center. I enjoy the culture and the language of Mexico. Oaxaca is not a resort city so accommodation is relatively inexpensive and food is cheap. I plan to volunteer with Niños Adelante, an outreach programme of the Oaxaca Lending Library. When I am in Oaxaca, I buy a temporary membership to the OLL. I borrow many books and I have participated in their intercambios (free language exchanges).

vendor in Oaxaca

I very much enjoy the reading, teaching and learning part of my life so any opportunity to meet other scholars and to learn/teach in a different country is a welcome one.
The Mexican muralists tell a story of a rich culture.


  1. You are a remarkable women. It is a pleasure to follow your blog.

  2. This is such an exciting plan -- you'll experience so much more of the community and its culture than if you were to travel as a tourist. Do you speak Spanish? I'm guessing yes, what with your facility with languages

  3. I do speak Spanish but I need practise. Most of the indigenous people of Oaxaca have Spanish as a second language after a native language so I could work with primary children in Spanish and I can do book selection in Spanish. With older students, I would work in English. There are so many different experiences in the world and teaching definitely is a global activity.


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