A New Apartment in a New Neighbourhood

For a few months, Madame is being transformed into a Señora! I have arrived at my new apartment in Oaxaca. I will be staying here for a month until the apartment that I rented previously is available. The
apartment is decorated in Mexican style and is at the back of a courtyard. If you have visited the non-tourist areas in Mexico, you will recall that most homes here have negative curb side appeal.

My door is brightly decorated.
My apartment is at the back of the courtyard and I have a private outside area.
exterior garden
The distance from the street still does not block out all of the noise but the ambiance is quite nice.
In Oaxaca, there are always barking dogs and fire crackers. I hear distant music and church bells from the Basilica de la Soledad which is nearby. I am in a neighbourhood close to the zócalo of Oaxaca.
I wandered down earlier today to get a feel for the area. It was such a lively place with vendors, food and camped-out protesters. One of the missing student teachers was from the area so there were lots of signs.
my seating area
The apartment seems to be very comfortable with an upstairs bedroom, bathroom and desk. Tomorrow, I will explore to find the necessities of daily life as I likely will prepare a lot of my own food. Oaxaca has a water shortage and drinking water must be purchased. Electricity is limited and I will only have wifi for 12 hours a day!  Whatever will I do? I have several books to read, my Paris stitchery, my writing project…..

So far, I have met so many helpful Mexican people. The porter at my Mexico City hotel was especially friendly and spoke excellent English. My favourite sentence right now is: Yo puedo entender si Ud. habla despacio.  All my grammar has been replaced by French and I hope to get some back.

The wifi will soon quit so I will go upstairs and read my Hola magazine. Buenas Noches!

evening reading


  1. Gorgeous - the colors, the flourishing plant life. Your own little oasis. Thank you for posting!

    1. The colours and the sounds of Oaxaca are very vibrant. Mariachi bands and loudspeakers playing familiar 70's songs, birds and voices of vendors…and the little quiet space for reading and writing.

  2. This really is a beautiful spot. I wish you much joy in your new surroundings. Good luck with your Spanish, but don't forget your French.

    Cheers, M-T

    1. It is a change from my springtime visits to Paris and right now I want to reply in French. I really have to formulate my sentences before I speak but it will come!

  3. It looks very comfortable Madame, the rich colours are gorgeous.

  4. The apartment looks lovely. Enjoy your stay in Oaxaca!

  5. Switching from French to Spanish or vice versa always does a number on my brain. Once I begin, I'm okay, so I try to start with a simple verb tense - yo puedo, tu puedes, etc - said in my head. What lovely bright colours in your courtyard and apartment. I can almost feel the warmth.

    Que disfrute bien!

  6. That's funny. I used to wander around conjugating verbs in my head as I walked. I'm very much at the simple present tense stage right now. The colours are indeed bright. Dios mío, you used the subjunctive!

  7. Lovely to hear of your adventure. Thank you for sharing.


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