Avenida de la Independencia

my home away from home

I am staying on the Avenida de la Independencia, one of the busiest streets in Oaxaca's centro historico.
The Avenida is a lively street of churches, shops and restaurants. It skirts the zocalo and passes the Teatro Macedonio Alcalá.

Basilica de Nuestra Señora de la Soledad
There are often flowers being rolled down the street to one of the five churches that I pass on the way to the Lending Library. One day there were police and a procession led by men dressed in traditional white clothing who were holding up the moon and the stars.
It was a very large funeral procession.

Some of the sights that I see seem a bit comic! Loud American music of the 1970's blares out into the street from stores that look like a Mexican version of Forever 21.

This costumed character outside the medical clinic is bizarre!

I don't like to take pictures of people on the street so I can't show you the small brown ladies with grey hair who sell cups or bags of fruit. They sit peeling and chopping all day. Or the well-dressed older man who sells computer memory sticks.  The balloon sellers, the hat sellers, the accordion player….You can imagine!

They sell tortas  (sandwiches) on my street.
There are a lot of  interesting smells on the street as well. Most merchants are constantly washing the sidewalk in from of their shops Even in my courtyard, the walkways are washed daily. I'm not sure what the cleaner is  (my friend would probably tell me cockroach killer!!!) but I smell it everywhere.
On a more pleasant topic, there is the constant cooking of food on the street. I am tempted by the corn on the cob but it is boiled in unpurified water. 

The Avenida de la Independencia is a bustling and noisy street during the day. I hear cars, the traffic patrol whistle, marching bands, marimbas, someone practising the violin….but when night falls, there is
even more music and more food vendors. Next week, I will have a visitor and we will go out to see the city after dark.


  1. Oh! I miss Mexico - your descriptions, so vivid, bring me back to that vibrant culture that lives out loud and on the street. I hope the tutoring is going well!

    1. To walk down a street is a multi-sensory experience in Mexico. My first student didn't show up but I have another one today.

  2. Sounds like a colourful and bustling town...hope you have students that are keen to learn!

  3. I'm meeting another student today so we can always hope. These students overcome a lot of obstacles even to show up.


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