But I Didn't Buy Anything! Almost!

I had to go down a side street to find out who she was.
As I explore more in Oaxaca, I have found some of the shopping spots.  There are artisan
cooperatives where it is possible to buy handicrafts that bear the artisan's name and tribal origin. My friend, Frida, is standing in front of such a coop.
a vividly painted alebrije
The brightly coloured alebrijes are carved in outlying pueblos by Zapotec carvers. Monsieur and I watched them being carved on an earlier visit.
Black pottery comes in every size.
The black pottery is only made in one pueblo of Oaxaca.
good marketing
I already have alebrijes, a little black pot and a number of table runners but the textiles and clothing are so colourful!
The  blue dress could be worn at home.
The artisan cooperatives are like bright treasure chests of colour.
Oh, I wish that I could still wear orange!

Since I have chosen my "authentic" hair colour, grey and blue are my neutrals. Somehow, they're just not such exciting colours in the tropical zones. I have bought one "made in Mexico" top to brighten my look. It's not really ethnic so I will be able to wear it at home.
my favourite Oaxaca restaurant
Wherever we have travelled, Monsieur and I have purchased small souvenirs but as we get older perhaps a photo is enough. On the other hand, the principal industry of the state of Oaxaca is handicrafts. I do enjoy making a few purchases and the cost of goods is low. Perhaps my small suitcase will have a few additions when I return home.


  1. You look lovely in that bright pink top with you "authentic" hair colouring!
    Local artisan shops are such a great place to find treasures that you can bring back home...I like our local Ten Thousand Villages Shop for gifts from all over the globe. Oaxaca must be a gold mine when it comes to crafts...if I were to opt for one thing it would probably be a sterling silver bangle...or three if you are new to collecting an armful of bracelets! Happy shopping!

  2. That's an excellent idea! I have some silver bangles from long gone years and I'm sure that I can find one to add. I really enjoy Ten Thousand Villages especially because the items are Fair Trade. That's what is good about the cooperatives here:the artisans are fairly compensated.


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